Little Fluffy Chemtrails (video no longer available)

Dandelion Salad


Weather control? Keeping you sick to feed the pharmacorps? Population control?

3 thoughts on “Little Fluffy Chemtrails (video no longer available)

  1. This phenomena has got to be the most obvious candidate for “insidious potential” that I can point to. I’ve watched this for years – even this year saw the worst spraying to date directly over the hospital in Santa Cruz, CA. When I pointed out the low-level, clearly falling “dust,” which presented like the blowing ice of a frozen tundra, to a passing physician, he resonded “As long as it doesn’t fall all the way down…” The very next week, same thing: low-level falling (whatever) AND, concurrently, witnessed my first “chem-bow,” an oily rainbow effect directly above said hospital. Makes me sick to think that this could be one reason the “elite” have become so blatant and audacious… they prob’ly believe, like “the hare,” that the race is won.

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