Olbermann: Obama & Clinton + Giuliani + FEMA + Worst (videos)

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October 29, 2007

Now on to part one in which much of the discussion takes place about Barack Obama and his decision to attack Hilary more often. There is also mention made of Barack’s use of an anti-gay homophobic preacher at a fund raising concert. I don’t often criticize Keith but I will here and state my own opinion about that.

As for Mr. Obama’s attack on Hilary, I could care less. They have both shown me that they are nothing more than birds of a feather that flock together. Obama and Clinton both try to play both sides of an issue whenever it suits them. In other words they will talk the talk but not walk the walk. And when they do walk they zig zag all over the place.

Hilary of course has her corporate lobbyists war chest, much in the same way that The Shrub did when he ran. And then they say, “But I’m not influenced by it.” Yes you are.

And her vote on the Kyl/Liebermann amendment is another example of Hilary setting herself up for the general election by catering to the right on a principle she knows will be a disaster. So we can expect at least four years of her trying to play both sides of the fence in the name of “compromise” no matter how wrong or immoral that policy may be. By comparison, take President Clinton’s promise to allow gays into the military. Well, we ended up with Don’t ask, don’t tell which was basically the same old same old relabled.

As for Obama, this whole gay issue has turned me off from him. It’s very nice that you come out and denounce homophobia, but then you invite someone to run your concert who promotes homophobia and bigotry to the black community. Yes, Obama’s friend McClurkin once said that homosexuals were trying to kill your children.

***”The gloves are off and if there’s going to be a war, there’s going to be a war. But it will be a war with a purpose? I’m not in the mood to play with those who are trying to kill our children.”***

It disappointed me that Keith didn’t delve more into how much hatred has been promoted by Donnie McClurkin over the years, and for Obama to let him up on stage to do more of the same is shameful for any Democratic Candidate. McClurkin statements have gone far beyond the “I’m cured crap.” That seems to be what the MSM, including Keith, believes this to be about without look at McClurkin’s continual linking of homosexuality to pedeophilia. That’s what this is about.

It’s the kind of crap one would expect from a Republican. In essence, Obama told the black community that their intolerance and hatred of gays is fine by him as he lavishly heaped the praise on Mr. McClurkin. Shame on you, Barack.

But let’s face it. These two front runners were anointed the day after the polls closed last year by your ever vigilant mainstream news media that is looking out only for your bests interests. And with Iowa and New Hampshire deciding who the rest of us can vote for, what chance does this country really have to survive on the principles upon which it was founded? The United States of America: Corporate owned, corporate sponsored.

In the conclusion of Keith’s opening segment, Eugene Robinson discusses the man who would like to be king: Rudy Giuliani. Rudy, like Bush, sees nothing in the constitution or in the bill of rights that can’t just be tossed in the paper shredder in order for him to rule over us in all of his wisdom. All so he can keep us safe from the boogerman.

I honestly had some trouble with this segment. I just didn’t get it. FEMA does a major idiotic thing and somebody actually gets fired over it. And this is supposed to somehow make amends for all the other crap? Lawrence O’Donnell joins Keith to talk about this and baseball.

Oddball: A guy who pulls a helicopter with his ear and why cheerleaders should not walk behind banners.

Best Persons: Fred Thompson, who made a living hunting down Jed Clampett in Tennessee, Mark Taxel, for a not so anti-drug message, and Andrew Quah, who should know his own sex organ when he sees it.

Quick Quiz:

In the third segment on Countdown, we have a segment about: a) The Boston Red Sox b) The New Yankees Manager c) Alex Rodriquez or d) all of the above.

The answer of course is D) all of the above. In other words if you are a baseball fanatic, a yankee fanatic, or a Red Sox fanatic, you will be entertained. Everybody else will just have to yawn their way through it. I guess that includes me.

A brief story on Oprah,who apologizes and cries over some bad things going on at the Oprah school.

Keeping Tabs: Another day, another defendent decides to squeal on poor O.J.

Worst Persons:
Bronze: Billo, who is whining because Barack Obama won’t go on his show.
Silver: Right Wing Lunatic Fringer David Horowitz
Gold: Department of Homeland Security

Finally, it’s not Britney, it’s not Paris, and it’s not Lindsay who occupies the final segment of tonight’s Countdown. It’s Bigfoot Junior. He’s hanging out at the Burger King In Pennsylvania with Elvis. Have a good day everyone.

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