Dennis Kucinich Calls For Impeachment During The Debate + UFOs (videos) + Russert Uses the “Giggle Factor” to Dismiss Dennis by Manila Ryce

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Added: October 30, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Admits Seeing U.F.O. Durring The Debate

14% of Amerikans have seen UFOs, that’s 42,000,000 people! ~ Lo

Gov. Richardson: Government Covering Up Evidence Of U.F.O.S

Richardson says he doesn’t believe in UFOs, though. ~ Lo


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Russert Uses the “Giggle Factor” to Dismiss Dennis

By Manila Ryce
Published Wednesday, October 31st, 2007, 12:09 am

I am by no means a fan of Hillary, but Tim Russert focused so much of his time during the debate aggressively attacking Clinton that I thought he himself had secretly won the Republican nomination. However, Russert saved his most damning attack for Kucinich, who already has the unfair reputation of being a tin-foil hat candidate.

First off, what the hell do UFOs have to do with anything? The Onion put out a video titled: “Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters”. This issue is indeed bullshit. It’s a clear hit job which had nothing to do with American politics, and served the sole purpose of belittling a politician the corporate media does not want elected into office.

Secondly, ridiculing someone for seeing a UFO, then cutting them short when they try to answer the question honestly is outright shameful. Russert asked this question during a 30 second lightning round so he could get his laugh and move on. Dennis may have been able to properly clear up McClain’s colorful interpretation of the event, but was not allowed to elaborate. Russert’s intention to destroy Kucinich’s presidential aspirations was quite clear. There is a profound disdain towards underdogs amongst the network pundits. Is there any doubt that this bit of blood in the water will continue to feed that frenzy whenever Kucinich is mentioned on any network?

Third, UFOs are not spaceships. They would be categorized as identified flying objects if they were. Claiming you saw a UFO means by definition that you’re not completely sure what you saw. Therefor, UFOs undoubtedly do exist. They have been reported by pilots, astronauts, and cosmonauts for decades. Dennis tried to explain that distinction, but was talked-over by Russert.

Fourth, I haven’t read Shirley McClain’s book, but for the sake of argument I’ll just assume that Dennis believed the UFO to be a flying saucer. Is this as ridiculous as it sounds? The answer is quite simply, no. The conventional wisdom prevalent in our society simply persists due to ignorance. The most rational minds in the world believe in extraterrestrial life, and I’ll explain why.

The Drake Equation, developed in the 60’s and notably supported by Carl Sagan, mathematically estimated that millions of alien civilizations exist in the universe (around 10,000 in the Milky Way alone) and that thousands of those civilizations are probably capable of contacting Earth. More skeptical scientists put the number much lower, but no serious astronomer completely dismisses the possibility that life has developed elsewhere. Now that extrasolar planetary systems are known to be quite common, the odds of life existing elsewhere are simply too great to deny any longer. In fact, you’d be ridiculed in the scientific community to claim that aliens don’t exist. Scientists who do insist that we are alone are also in the same minority as those who defend creationism or say global warming is a myth.

Peter Sturrock, emeritus professor of physics and applied physics at Stanford, has personally stated that people should overcome the “giggle factor” that normally accompanies a study of UFOs. To a mature and educated crowd, Kucinich’s sighting would not be dismissed as something outside the realm of possibility. What does Tim Russert or any of the other candidates know about astrophysics or astrobiology? Evidently nothing, yet that didn’t stop them from laughing at what they didn’t understand. After all, the debate itself was a hoax, meant for entertainment purposes only.

We laughed at President Carter for also seeing a UFO. He was derided as a kook, not just because of the UFO sighting, but because of his equally insane views on alternative energy, civil rights, foreign relations, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and human rights in general. Corporate conservative arrogance was prevalent in society then and it allowed for the ignorant to taunt the enlightened. A reversal of Carter’s progressive policies took place with Reagan and have continued to this very day. We now know that Carter wasn’t crazy. It was America and his political opposition who were irrational.

None of the Democrats on that stage last night, with the exception of Dennis, are worthy of being called progressives. By the time the Democratic Party realizes that Kucinich was also right, despite his uncommon idiosyncrasies, our country won’t exist anymore. Democrats have regressed into conservatives in their ignorance, arrogance, and greed. Another “loony” UFO watcher is exactly what we need in the White House. Hell, Kucinich could be an alien himself for all I care. Perhaps we should outsource our political positions to extraterrestrials. Intelligent life on Earth seems to be in short supply.

It should also be noted that rather than dodge the question, or deny the incident completely, Kucinich told the truth. He could have just as easily turned it around on McClain and said he had no idea what she was talking about. Well, that concludes my rant on that one question. Impeachment was actually the overall message Dennis was trying to get across. The reason being that he will invoke a privilege of the House to force a vote on the issue of impeachment. Contact your members of congress and tell them to vote against the motion to table the resolution, which would kill the bill.


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14 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich Calls For Impeachment During The Debate + UFOs (videos) + Russert Uses the “Giggle Factor” to Dismiss Dennis by Manila Ryce

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  2. Lo,

    Chris is such a dumb-ass pundit,
    Secrets held by the U.S. Government?

    How silly and simple we must seem,
    just getting to Mars, is still a dream.

    The Universe billions of years old,
    We’re alone in space, or so we’re told!

    Who would you want to make first contact,
    think it threw, or a shoot first hack?

    Here’s a question for another Candidate,
    Evolution or Creation, 30seconds don’t wait !

    I belive in God, that’s easy answer,
    the one who doesn’t, is an actor/singer/dancer.

    Richardson has killed his states tourism,
    these people do anything to stay in the prism.

    Kucinich seen something, will it get him the nod,
    42,000,000 people would get him the JOB!

    Evict all Incumbent in ’08, clean house[s] start to investigate.

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  4. Thanks, Gary. Not surprised at all but it saddens me deeply. Of course they (MSM) aren’t going to mention the impeachment statement. Who runs these debates? MSM. Who owns MSM? The big corporations. Those in power want to stay in power.

  5. You can add “Live With Dan Abrams to the list. He labled him a “loser” in his “winners and Losers” segment. These corporate owned “useful idiots” do their jobs don’t they? >:

  6. Oh yeah it was a pointless question designed to make Dennis look a little on the nutty side. Hopefully, People will be media saavy enough to see that it had no place in the debate. David Shuster pointed that out too. We’re both unhappy but we shouldn’t be surprised. I was so mad I wanted to send NBC a curse filled e-mail.

  7. Hardball, Tucker and Olbermann all had their “big laugh” over the UFO comments made by Dennis. Not mentioning the impeachment statement at all. David? Shuster did get in a good line for Dennis though on Tucker. “The last time Dennis Kucinich checked it was YOU who didn’t want any impeachment hearings.” – David Shuster on Nancy Pelosi after he mentioned her saying that Bush’s actions were “criminal”.

  8. It was an unfair question to begin with. It had no place in a serious debate, imo. Now, 14% of 300 million is 42 million people so that’s a lot of people who have seen some unidentifiable objects in the sky. I’m very open minded and believe that there is possible life elsewhere in our HUGE universe. Thinking otherwise, imo, is being arrogant. But the question was raised to ridicule Dennis and for that I’m very unhappy.

    Gary, good points. Dennis is a threat to the status quo.

  9. They mentioned Dennis seeing the UFO to distract people from the fact that he indirectly called out Hillary Clinton on her “all options are on the table” comment. Mike Gravel called out Hillary at the last debate and he was locked out of this one. Be careful Dennis, If it weren’t for you and Gravel (and Richards at least on the war.) it’d be a sickening re-enactment of the Republican debates.

  10. he was really trapped by that question at least he was honest…and i’m very suprised that was brought up, if only 14% percent say they’ve seen UFO’s then why are they discussing that there when there are so many other important issues needing dealt with today? My wife has seen UFO”s twice and they looked the same both times, and she’s not one to make this stuff up. anyway, thanks for the blog.

  11. The subject of UFO’s is, in my view, an exception to the “bullshit issues”. I saw that Onion video and think it is hilarious and very true! Having said that, I’ve done intensive research examining the images coming back from the Rovers on Mars and also satellite images and it is clear there was an ancient civilization on Mars. I have found some images of the moon that show there was intelligent presense their BEFORE our guys went up there and Titan is loaded with geometry. All of these discoveries raises the likelihood of ET’s existing TODAY by a huge percentage. I submit that this is one more reason why we need Dennis Kucinich as President. He is the only candidate running that will cut the ambilical cord between the Defense Department and NASA so that open and honest research can be conducted, without coverups and without airbrushing images to hide anomalies.

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