Olbermann: Bush’s Tantrum + Giuliani + Blackwater Immunity + Worst + Chris Matthews (videos no longer available)

videos no longer available 

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Since Youtube is undergoing maintenance in about an hour and a half, I’ll dispense with the commentary for now and start uploading. This first part is about another one of Bush’s temper tantrums.
Added: October 30, 2007

The conclusion of Bush: Operation Temper Tantrum with guest Dana Milbank. The next segment has to do with the continue lies of Rudy Giuliani and the failure of the media to call him on his whoppers. Arianna Huffington guests.

Oddball: A streaker at the NFL game in London, a deer wandering around downtown Cincinnati, and high heel races.

Best Persons: Gov. John Corzine, who took a day away from state employees in Missouri, a picture taking thief and a hunting dog who shot his owner.

The number three segment has to do with the fact that somebody has given Blackwater Employees immunity from prosecution. Guest is Jeremy Scahill author of Blackwater.

Keeping Tabs: Britney, Grady Little resigns paving way for Joe Torre. Robert Goulet has passed away.

Worst Persons: Bronze – Nancy Nord (chairwoman of the human product safety division) Silver – A Rudy Giuliani advisor (I don’t have time to look up the spelling so I won’t) and Gold – Billo.

Chris Matthews joins Keith to preview tonights debate which by now has long ended. You can go to the MSNBC web site and still watch it, but you will need to use I.E. Explorer to do so. Of course, when it comes to politics, Matthews has shown that he is always right on the money…..when it comes to shilling for Rudy Giuliani and the Republicans.

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  2. All the videos work for me. Don’t know why you couldn’t see them? Sorry about that. Try refreshing the page, that sometimes works. Also, you can click the bottom right of the video to go to the YouTube page (that’s if the video shows up, of course.) Another thing is to go to Clyde1952’s page where all the videos are located.

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