Olbermann: Rumsfeld Memos + Bush; Mukasey + Diplomat Draft (videos)

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Catching Snowflakes

During his time in office Donald Rumsfeld used to write 20 to 60 brief memoes each day to his staff and he called these memoes snowflakes. They gave advice on how to manipulate the press and the public and some of the worst were things like should terrorism be considered a “worldwide insurgency”, “go out and push people back”, “keep elevating the threat” and “link Iraq to Iran”.

My Way or the Die Way

Keith gives his report on George Bush and his demands and scare tactics he’s using to try to get Judge Mukasey confirmed to Attorney General. During a speech at The Heritage Foundation Bush tries to say that if the Democrats don’t confirm Mukasey that Americans will die. Somehow the country managed to survive while Alberto Gonzales was Attorney General and violating the laws. Keith gives his report on the state of the confirmation and that it is in danger and that Bush attacked Congress, protesters and blogs for the problems.

The Diplomat Draft

Keith gives his report on the decision by the State Department’s decision to make up a short fall of 48 volunteers in Iraq by notifying more than 200 employees some of them will have to go there next year and that some have said they’d quit before going. At a contentious State Department meeting the head of foreign service Harry Thomas took questions on the measure which has not been done since Vietnam to a less than happy crowd. Flynt Leverett’s wife Hillary Mann Leverett a former state department diplomat discusses the issue with Keith.

Worst Person Nov. 1, 2007

And the winner is…..Roger Ailes. Runners up RedState.com and Glenn Beck.


Rumsfeld Urged Staff To “Keep Elevating The Threat”

Action Alert: Do Not Confirm Mukasey!

President Bush Speaks at the Heritage Foundation (video)

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