Our Masters, Ourselves By Dale Allen Pfeiffer (Fascism)

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By Dale Allen Pfeiffer
Speaking Truth to Power
Wednesday, 31 October 2007

We are all armed with monkey wrenches, it is time to use them. It is time to take back our power and to realize that we, ourselves, are our own masters. And let us never delegate that power or that responsibility again.

Corrupt beyond Redemption

Those of us living in the US live in a fascist system, right now, today. We live in a system where powerful corporations call the shots, both nationally and globally. They do this beneath a façade of democracy, a façade that has grown exceedingly thin. And every day they come closer and closer to allowing this façade to drop.

It should be quite plain by now that our government does not heed the public mandate. They have not stopped the war in Iraq, they have not moved to impeach Bush and Cheney, they refuse to discuss a working solution to global warming, and they will do nothing about outsourcing, capital flight and impoverishment of the US working class.

Yet activists in the peace, environmental and labor movements continue to lobby the government for change. We are content to wait until the next presidential election and replace the incumbents of one crooked party with the candidates of another crooked party. Yet no election is going to make the slightest bit of difference in solving the problems with which we are faced.

Our politicians are bought off. Most of them are members of the privileged class to start with, and once they leave office they will go to work for the very firms they should now be attempting to regulate. The move to privatize has reached critical mass; we have sold off our infrastructure and our vital government services to corporations – worse than sold, we have handed these things over while promising to subsidize their ownership with taxpayer’s dollars. The privatization mania has gone to the point that we have now largely privatized our military and police services to private firms whose first loyalty is clearly not to the US public.

The building of a fascist system within the façade of democracy has been in progress for a long time. It can be traced back to the days of the Great Depression and even further. The move towards fascism accelerated in the 1970s and particularly in the 1980s. Privatization, outsourcing, labor and environmental deregulation, mergers and in particular media monopolies have all been tools in producing this transformation. Global trade agreements consolidated fascist power throughout the world, while formalizing the supremacy of international corporations over federal governments.

By the turn of the century, the advance of fascism had reached the point that corporations and political lackeys in the Bush administration could act with impunity, openly trashing the US Constitution and the Geneva Conventions while making jokes about it. What previous administrations used to do in secret, the Bush administration does in the open, and then grants itself immunity from future prosecution.

And now Bush has granted himself the power to abrogate the constitution and suspend elections through the declaration of martial law. He can do this for any perceived threat, whether it involves terrorism, economic crisis, environmental catastrophe, or social upheaval. Soon even the trappings of democracy will become unnecessary, and the US public will find themselves living in a repressive police state without any of the freedoms and protections from abuse that we have for so long taken for granted.

None of our elected officials wish to repair these breeches in our governmental system. Instead, they are all lining up to profit from them. Instead of taking up the public mandate, they are vying with each other to feed at the corporate troughs and assume the mantle of fascist dictator.


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2 thoughts on “Our Masters, Ourselves By Dale Allen Pfeiffer (Fascism)

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  2. In order for serious change to take effect we would really need something akin to a political revolution.

    We would nee to vote out nearly all members of Congress and vote in Progressive Liberals.

    Congress itself will never vote for true campaign finance reform, publicly funded campaigns, and the banishment of lobbying firms from Capital Hill. There is too much money flowing around for them. They will not vote against their best interest.

    New members of Congress are quickly black mailed into accepting the pay to play system.

    One of the first orders of business Steny Hoyer and Rahm Emmanuel did was approach the democratic freshmen and promise them wads of cash for their future campaigns as long as they played ball and voted they way they were told to vote.

    It’s clear to me however that if we don’t change anything and carry on with politics as usual in D.C. that sooner or later the whole system will implode. 1/4 of the Federal Budget does to servicing the government’s $9 Trillion of debt and it’s only going to get worse.

    But how in the hell can we get a complete turn over of Congress and replace them with Progressive Liberals who will push for badly needed change?

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