Schumer, Feinstein back Mukasey by Andrew Zajac

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by Andrew Zajac

Looks like Michael Mukasey will be the next Attorney General after all, many Democrats’ misgivings about his unwillingness to declare waterboarding illegal notwithstanding.

A pair of key Senate Democrats, Diane Feinstein, of California, and Charles Schumer, of New York, announced this afternoon that they’ll vote for Mukasey, giving him the votes he needs to win approval of the Judiciary Committee.

This can be looked at as a call made on the merits, but politically, the nods from Schumer and Feinstein also can be interpreted as meaning that Democrats still haven’t figured out how to address issues like torture without appearing to be soft on national security.

The approval of key Democrats came a day after President Bush compared Democratic leaders stalling aspects of his security agenda, including the Mukasey confirmation, to appeasers who enabled Lenin and Hitler.

Reading between the many lines of his statement, one can sense Schumer’s discomfiture.

The media-savvy senior senator from New York typically issues frequent, but very brief, sound bite-like statements on the issues of the day.

In this case, he’s broken an uncharacteristically long silence with what for him is a torrent of prose:


h/t: Raw Story

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