Tucker: The Ron Paul Revolution (video)

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  1. i don’t think his record on gay rights is mixed at all.

    DOMA was an attempt to get the federal government out of the issue of marriage altogether. it is a step in the right direction for libertarians: namely, getting the state out of all such private civil contracts and religious ceremonies. first you take it out of the federal government, then you take it out of the individual states.

    and he didn’t vote to “ban” gay adoptions in d.c., per se, just to cut off funding for it. you have to read the specific language of the bill. but he doesn’t believe the government should be funding these types of things, period, so that’s not a surprise.

    and he has made his position clear about don’t ask don’t tell: disruptive actions should be prosecuted, not declarations about one’s sexual orientation.

    as for abortion, his views aren’t so difficult to understand, considering that he’s a gynecologist. and if you’re a vegan you have to sympathize with someone who is pro-life all across the board. remember, a fetus can feel pain just as much as a chicken or a pig.

    per foreign aid, if you are so concerned, donate your own money to the cause. i can barely afford to pay my own bills as it is.


  2. Pay close attention to what these clowns are saying. They aren’t Ron Paul fans at all. Like this: “He’s used to speaking to small audiences about obscure issues.” or his supporters are “nerdy”. I can see right through any of Tucker’s bs with regard to his “support” for Ron Paul.

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  5. Seems he is mixed on gay rights though.

    On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

    From his On the Issues site:

    Don’t ask, don’t tell is a decent policy for gays in army. (Jun 2007)

    Voted YES on banning gay adoptions in DC. (Jul 1999)

    No need for Marriage Amendment; DOMA is enough. (Sep 2007)

    No legislation to counteract the homosexual agenda. (Sep 2007)

    No affirmative action for any group. (Sep 2007)

    Personally, I wouldn’t vote for him, he’s too conservative on most issues.

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