A Nation of Sheep (video; 1st Amendment; Patriot Act)

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The Verdict: Should Americans continue to sit back passively and allow the government to fleece away our freedom?
-Judge Andrew Napolitano
Added: November 02, 2007

2 thoughts on “A Nation of Sheep (video; 1st Amendment; Patriot Act)

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  2. People have always been sheep and lemmings and followers, which leads to sociopaths coming to power grabbing power and laughing at the lemmings.
    Just see how fast people are to give up every right they have ever had to get into a New Jersey Jets football game! A mocked state without a football team until 1981, teh New Jersey Giants are *still* the “New York Giants” – the New Jersey Jets are still called the New York Jets – no neither team has played a home game in New York since the pre-Ronald Reagan era.
    What effect? It allows a small, densely packed, vitally important state of the union – one that has a bad reputation because its interstate highways take you through some of the country’slargest oil ports and refineries – and lets teh peopel enforcing the law therein feel important.

    Put it this was – I have seen 70 year old men allow themselves to be literally strip searched for the privilege of seeing a fake team get killed by a real team. No public parking. No public transport.

    I gave my tickets back – I didn’t mind the strip searfches as much as people muttering about terrorism. Terrorism of who, by to to who???? I

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