CNN to Ron Paul: A Lot of People Call You a Flake (video)

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NOVEMBER 02, 2007


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8 thoughts on “CNN to Ron Paul: A Lot of People Call You a Flake (video)

  1. A lot of people call Ron Paul crazy. Why do they do this? Because they don’t want to debate his message. His message is based on logic and constitutional principle’s. Also he has an extremely clean background. Not giving critics much to attack him on. So you get this name calling and association with neo/nazi’s due to donations.

  2. I would have asked O’Brien why she doesn’t wonder why many of us call Rudy Giuliani a flake for having been married to his cousin, cheated on his wife, and crossed dressed in public?

    Now THAT’s a flake!

  3. well with the ever increasing number of servicemen in wheelchairs im sure the military needs these “handicapable” ramps.

  4. Then you would just love what the Army is doing at one base in Germany. This base is slated for closure in 2008, and they just began work on a handicap ramp for the post library. I’ve heard that the cost is 20,000 euros.

    We’ve unofficially known for a few years that this post was closing, and official word came in 2007. Only now do they want to build a handicap ramp.

    Is absurd the right word here?

  5. Wow think how much money the tax payers could save if we could figure out a way to bring our troops home and close those bases. That’s a lot of troops just in these countries.

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