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Nov. 4, 2007

Another two hundred Border Patrol Agents were added to Douglas recently. That brings it to a total of 800. There are also US Marshals here, plus Narcotics Agents, Arizona Rangers, Federal and State Game & Fish Officers, the County Sheriffs, Local Police Officers, and Prison Guards. Additionally, a sizable contingency of National Guard are assisting the BP. One cannot forget the US Customs Agents that tend the port and also patrol the border.

There are a total of over 2,000 law enforcement officers here. That is in a small city of 19,000. There are so many vehicles with light bars it looks as if it was Christmas year round.

Recently I had the occasion to drive east to New Mexico on the highway that parallels the border. It was getting towards late afternoon, but there was still plenty of light. Along this most highly fortified stretch of border in the USA about fifteen miles out of town.

The airspace along the border is monitored from Ft. Huachuca about fifty miles away. There they have radar floating aloft in a tethered balloon. It is suppose to be the most modern and effective radar available.

Additionally, aircraft from the Fort, and helicopters from the BP and Customs routinely patrol the border airspace, searching for smugglers.

About fifteen miles out of town in a relatively flat open area an old DC-3, painted black and without identifying tail numbers passed overhead at height of about 150 feet.

One does not need to be a rocket scientist to know what sort of cargo this plane was carrying.

There were no “law enforcement” officers of any type around.

I have a pilots license, but I haven’t flown in over thirty years; however, I do have a buddy who keeps his pilots license active.

When I returned to town, I contacted my buddy, and I proposed that we rent a plane and see if we could fly across the border undetected in the corridor where I saw the plane. My buddy was a little hesitant, but since I was paying, he said, ‘What the hell.’

A week later we rented a little two-seater, and flew back and forth across the border eight times. None of the exulted Border Security people were in evidence, nor were we notified that we had violated international airspace by the military in Ft. Huachuca.

While I was contemplating what to do with this information, one morning after having fed my mules, I was out walking the dogs. The mules are stabled along with the dogs not a mile and a half from the border.

I routinely walk the dogs in the morning along the base of an old slag heap. A stream runs along the side of it.

We don’t generally see anyone when we’re out walking. It is early, and it is rough terrain a little to the west of the city.

That morning the dogs became excited. I thought it was probably the pack of javelina that runs out here.

The dogs love to chase them, but then the javelina turn around and chase the dogs. The dogs aren’t about to be caught by those wiry-haired javelina.

In the dry streambed, I encountered four undocumented border crossers.

I talked to them awhile and wished them well and advised them to watch out for Border Patrol agents.

Considering where I encountered these men, they would have had to cross the border within a hundred yards of the Port Of Entry.

A Border Patrol Agent, when overtime is taken into consideration, is bringing in around 80 grand a year. It’s daylight morning, where the hell are all the supposed Border Security people?

The US Federal government wants to spend some 70 billion dollars with Halliburton and there like constructing a virtual fence all along the border, using radar, motion detectors, ground sensors and the like.

The border crossers I encountered had to cross a real wall. They obviously had no problem.

There are already ground sensors all along the border. Occasionally I or one of the dogs will trip one, and a half hour later an agent comes out to check.

If I were a border crosser or a smuggler of any kind, I would be long gone.

This money will be pissed away perpetuating a police state and enriching corrupt and crony corporations, and overpaying ineffectual law enforcement officers.

It’s money that could be infested in micro-loans throughout Latin America which would get at the root cause of the illegal migration.

But then, what do I know? I only live here!

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