CODEPINK Shows Senator Feinstein Waterboarding (videos; over 18 only)

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On November 4, 2007, CODEPINK activists re-enacted a live waterboarding demonstration for Senator Feinstein as she entered CNN studios in Washington, DC
Added: November 04, 2007


Senator Dianne Feinstein Pinked on CNN


During an appearance on CNN on Sunday, Senator Dianne Feinstein found herself on the wrong end of the argument for supporting the nomination of Michael B. Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzalez as Attorney General.
Added: November 04, 2007


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Bush invokes 9/11 to justify torture, domestic spying and war by Patrick Martin

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  3. If torture like waterboarding is not really torture, or cruel and unusual punishment we can be expecting this on a local level soon. Think about it, the mockery of representation that we have from both parties support Mukasey. Republicans especially, and Democrats who elected these jokers must stop their madness. The problem is that they are too busy watching 24 on DVD to have a soul. I know if either of my Senators supported an AG who was cool with waterboarding I would be irate, disgusted and in contact with their office. I hope that the majority of the rest of my country agrees with me that waterboarding is torture and it is not even close. I see all these people with those WWJD bracelets on, so I guess Bush has asked himself Who Would Jesus Torture? Or maybe Bush is not that religious after all.

    I hope following posters will discuss whether or not it is OK for local Police Departments to start waterboarding if it is indeed legal. And the natural follow up to that is when do you expect it to start in your city once Mukasey is giving Bush cover to do whatever he wants?

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