Ron Paul Nov 5th Donation Coverage (video)

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November 5th Coverage on CNN
Added: November 05, 2007

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul Nov 5th Donation Coverage (video)

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  2. seems the good dr. has tapped into something very profound in the cultural zeitgeist.

    it doesn’t matter whether you are on the left or the right, it is about a return to limited, constitutional, local government. if you want universal health care, if you want more environmental controls, if you want more redistribution of the wealth, if you want unrestricted access to abortion and contraceptives, you will be able to fight for it and implement it much easier in your home state than on the national level, where corporate bureaucrats and elitist central planners continue to further their own agenda without any regard for the needs and desires of their constituents. and if your ideas fail, they will only have repercussions on the state level, rather than bringing the whole country with you. in a true free market of ideas, migration and investment will determine the success of policy, rather than national mandates implemented coercively from the top-down by people who think they know better than us.

    ron paul recognizes that he is part of the executive branch, not the legislative branch, and after he brings all our troops home not just from iraq but from *around the world* and saves us hundreds of billions of dollars (as commander in chief), it is up to us to reassert ourselves in the democratic process and do with our wealth what we please–as soon as it is rightfully returned to us on the local level.

    in a ron paul administration, the power belongs to *we the people*, not ron paul. the age of executive orders and “agreements,” unaccountable departmental regulations and presidential signing statements with the force of law will finally be over.

    you either believe in the democratic process, or you don’t. left or right or whatever. simple as that.


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