50 years ago, 50 years from now (video; Kucinich; updated)

Updated: Newer version of video as previous one was removed.  ~ Lo

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Vote Kucinich 2008

50 years ago JFK created a massive government program to send a man to the moon because of a perceived threat from the Soviets. We have a new threat now, and one Presidential candidate is facing it with the same courage.

We can do it.

If not us then who?
If not now then when?

Its time for a new moon shot, a new vision, and the added bonus of releasing us from our dependence on oil and war. Have courage, be strong…

Vote Kucinich

Before you spam me with “is Global Warming real” issues, watch this*:


*Please note that wonderingmind42 has not endorsed any candidate, nor have I asked him to, and I reference him purely for informational purposes.

Added: November 06, 2007


Kucinich to Move Impeachment of Bush After Cheney By David Swanson

It’s Time to Impeach Cheney by Dennis Kucinich

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