Could those loose nukes have been meant for the Syrian strike? by The Other Katherine Harris

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Nov. 4, 2007

If it’s true, as recently reported, that one of two USAF planes carrying low-power tactical nukes bombed the alleged nuclear facility being built in Syria — with Israeli planes along just to fly cover (never mind that their government belatedly said they did it) — this might relate to yet another mystery. There’s an awfully close coincidence of date between the raid (Sept. 6) and when six nuclear warheads were illegally moving around within the U.S. (August 29 and 30) on missiles attached to the launch rack of a bomber from Minot AFB. Because those ended up at Barksdale AFB, the principal staging base for B-52s going to the Middle East, the speculation has been that they were meant eventually to pound targets in Iran. But what if two of them had a more immediate purpose? Very interestingly, these particular warheads afford the ultimate in versatility, being adjustable to detonate with explosive power from as low as five kilotons up to 150 kilotons.

Both the air strike in Syria and the loose nukes episode have been cloaked in secrecy extreme even for our obsessively Delphic despots in Washington. Adding an extra frisson to the murky and sinister picture, an Oct. 31 blog by Dave Lindorff pointed out a stunning number of recent deaths among personnel at Minot and Barksdale and others conceivably associated with the nukes’ movement.

If you’re behind on news of the nukes, Lindorff’s blog will catch you right up. As for the strange evolution of the Syrian bombing story, everybody involved has been trying like the devil to keep a lid on it. A sequence of events through Oct. 26 is nicely presented by BBC News and what seems to be the latest update of substance came out today at Jerusalem Post.


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