Kucinich’s Bill Is Under Discussion on the Floor of the House & on C-Span (updated)


The vote started at 2:53 PM ET and finished after a little bit over an hour.

Yea – Nay – Pres – NV

162 – 251 – 0 – 20


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Kucinich’s Resolution Survives Tabling Attempt, Is Referred to Committee

Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2007-11-06 14:47.
After Downing Street

What’s gained? 86 Congress Members showed a level of support for impeachment. The resolution is back in the same committee but with more momentum. The media is more aware. The public is more aware. Kucinich is fired up and ready to introduce new resolutions on both Cheney and Bush. Congress heard from the public in massive numbers – the phones on the Hill were jammed. And the public is energized.

4:41 The motion to send it to the Judiciary Committee passed with only about 5 Dems voting No and 3 Republicans voting Yes. Presumably the 86 Dems who voted No on tabling believed that to be enough to appease their constituents, while 5 Dems actually had integrity enough to put the Constitution ahead of Pelosi and Hoyer. There was no discussion of a time limit for the Judiciary Committee to report back (even though there are precedents for insisting on one with impeachment resolutions). This bill has, of course, ALREADY been in the Judiciary Committee for months, and that committee has done nothing with it.

You’d think if offense (rather than defense) ever entered Pelosi and Hoyer’s heads, they’d want to put an hour of Cheney-bashing debate on TV. But they want at all costs to avoid impeachment, and you can’t debate the substance of the charges against Cheney without making an obvious case for impeachment.

Roll call. These 5 Dems voted right: Filner, Kaptur, Kucinich, Waters, Towns.

4:19 p.m. There is now a 5-min vote underway on whether to refer to the House Judiciary Committee.

4:14 p.m. The motion to table having failed, Hoyer moved to refer the resolution to the House Judiciary Committee. Kucinich tried to avoid that and get a vote on the resolution, but – unable to do that – asked for a vote on the decision to refer to committee. Hoyer withdrew his motion and then unwithdrew his motion. Boehner asked for 40 minutes of debate. Serrano as chair seemed clueless for a while, and then ordered a procedural vote on whether to vote on sending to committee. If this new 15-min vote passes, then they will vote on whether to send to committee.

Roll call.

4:02 p.m. Over an hour into this 15 min vote, 78 Dems are voting Nay on tabling, joined by 164 Republicans in an apparent stunt to surprise the Dems and bring the issue to the floor — which the Republicans will regret if the Democrats actually debate it and debate it well (admittedly a remote possibility). They will say over and over and over that this has divided the Democrats. Not outside the Beltway it hasn’t. Over 3/4 of Dems want Cheney impeached.

Currently 142 Dems to table, 78 not to, 13 not voting; 28 Repubs to table, 164 not to, and 9 not voting. Most of the Republicans switched their votes, and for some reason the leadership kept the vote open for over an hour, allowing them to do so. No doubt the Republicans want to get the Dem leaders on tape on the floor defending Cheney against impeachment. But how smart is it of them to allow the topic to gain attention? The evidence, after all, is overwhelming that Cheney has committed impeachable offenses.

2:54 p.m. Hoyer moves to table.
Kucinich asks for Yays and Nays.
15 minute recorded vote begins.
C-Span quotes sentence from Tribune with lie about impeachment dividing the Dems’ base.
C-Span brought on Sabrina Eaton from the Plain Dealer to talk some more trash.



Kucinich Introduced Resolution, Response from Leadership Required Within Two Days

Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2007-11-06 14:06.
After Downing Street

Rep. Jose Serrano chaired the session. Congressman Kucinich introduced H Res 333 and read the three charges against Cheney contained therein. Serrano said that a time would be designated within the next two days for the bill to be considered. At that time, anything could happen, including a vote on the resolution, a vote on tabling the resolution, or sending the resolution to committee (potentially with a time limit for a response). Rep. Steny Hoyer has reportedly said he will move to table the resolution. We have somewhere between 10 mins and 48 hours to let our Congress Members know to vote No on tabling, Yes on impeachment. See: http://impeachcheney.org


Hoyer Will Move to Table (Kill) Impeachment Resolution

Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2007-11-06 13:36.
After Downing Street

That’s according to this Tribune reporter, who claims without citing a shred of evidence that impeachment divides the Democrats’ base. In the only national poll ever published on impeaching Cheney, 76% of Democrats said yes, a number that I suspect has risen since. Where’s the division?

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Why should Congress impeach Cheney?  Watch this must-see documentary:
Frontline: Cheney’s Law (link)

Kucinich to Move Impeachment of Bush After Cheney By David Swanson