Olbermann: Impeachment + Rush + Michael Moore + Worst (videos)

Dandelion Salad


Impeachment Impediment

Keith discusses the way the Democrats handled Denis Kucinich’s impeachment resolution today. Rachel Maddow weighs in on the political strategy or lack of on both sides.

When Rush Attacks

Keith discusses Rush Limbaugh’s latest attack on yet another child.

Michael Moore on Health Care

Keith gives his report on the ballot measure in Oregon on health insurance for poor kids and who’s supporting it and who’s against it. Michael Moore weighs in on what’s wrong with the bill and what we need to do in order to have health care for all in this country.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Glenn Beck. Runners up the Chicago Police Department and Joe Libermann.

Nov. 6, 2007


Why should Congress impeach Cheney?  Watch this must-see documentary:
Frontline: Cheney’s Law (link)

Dennis Kucinich on Tucker (video)

Kucinich throws the gauntlet to Pelosi-Impeach (videos)

Kucinich’s Bill Is Under Discussion on the Floor of the House and on C-Span (updated again)