Olbermann: Musharraf Coup + Tortured Reasoning + Worst Person (videos)

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Countdown: The Musharraf Coup

Keith gives his report on the recent coup by Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan and President Bush’s response to it. Hillary Mann Leverett weighs in on the United State’s foreign policy our relations with Pakistan.

Added: November 05, 2007

Countdown: Tortured Reasoning

Keith gives his report on the retired Judge Advocates General who criticized the nomination of Mukasey due to his stance on waterboarding and on former acting AG Daniel Levin who was willing to subject himself to waterboarding to see if it was torture. After he determined it was and gave his report he was fired. Retired Rear Admiral John Hutson who was one of the authors of the letter weighs in.

Worst Person

And the winner is…..Rudy Giuliani for pretending he knows more about torture than John McCain and for possibly saying he had people tortured in New York. Runners up Kevin McGee of Fox Business Channel and Brit Hume of Fox News for his statements on the diplomats who didn’t want to go to Iraq.


Olbermann Special Comment: Waterboarding is Torture (videos)

Action Alert: Do Not Confirm Mukasey!

Waterboarding Torture Demonstration at Justice Department (video; over 18 only)

Pakistan shakes off US shackles By M K Bhadrakumar

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  1. Lo,
    Let the supporter’s of this type of enhanced interrogation,
    try it out, we’ll use the pertinent information.

    Evict all Incumbants in ’08, clean house[s] start to investigate.

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