Rep’s Conyers/Ellison/Waters Discuss Impeachment By Jennifer Umolac

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By Jennifer Umolac
After Downing Street

Nov. 6, 2007

On Tuesday, October 23rd, Impeach for Peace was granted a meeting with Representative John Conyers in Washington DC to discuss H. Res 333 and the status of impeachment. The meeting took place in the Judiciary Offices of the Rayburn building and was attended by Rep. John Conyers, an aide to Rep. Conyers and myself. There was no scheduled endtime for the meeting and ultimately the meeting lasted nearly 45 minutes. During this time many different aspects of the impeachment process were discussed. Representative Conyers was very generous with his time and made it very clear that he considers it very important for him to continue these conversations about impeachment. Unlike during his visit to Minneapolis, Rep. Conyers did not mention the matter of “time” as one of the factors against bringing forward H. Res 333. His most prominent rationale for not bringing forward the resolution was that he felt there wouldn’t be support for the measure and subsequently that it wouldn’t go anywhere. He spoke about all of the freshman Congresspeople who were elected in Red States and how they were unlikely to come out in favor of impeachment. He then stated that if he weren’t in his position, he would be “one of you…lobbying for impeachment.” I implored him to be one of us IN his position and to lobby his fellow Representatives in support of H. Res 333.

I also mentioned to him that I had a conversation with a Minnesota Representative, Tim Walz, who was in exactly that position, representing a traditionally conservative area that had narrowly elected him. In our conversation on impeachment, Rep. Walz had stated that though he wouldn’t sign on to H. Res 333, he would support articles of impeachment should they come to the floor. I suggested that this might be a far more widespread stance than he would expect.



Nov. 6, 2007

Congressman Danny Davis has signed on as the 22nd cosponsor and 23rd total congress member to support H Res 333:

h/t: After Downing Street

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3 thoughts on “Rep’s Conyers/Ellison/Waters Discuss Impeachment By Jennifer Umolac

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  2. Thanks for posting this Lo, it really helps to get a first-hand account of what’s going thru their heads in Congress. I posted this reply to the excellent article:

    Supreme thanks to the writer and poster for your news and courage to act on our behalf, and to tangle directly with this maddening refusal by Conyers and Pelosi to represent the will of the people and their legal obligation to bring to a vote the most important legal and moral matter of our times.

    Doe Rep. Conyers’ statement that he wants you to convince him to do this mean that we need to storm his office with calls and letters again, or stage sit-ins (only to get hauled off and abused)? Is there any hope of convincing him, or is this just a joke, and in the end they are all afraid of getting “Wellstoned”??

    How can it be that it is left to a singular congressperson from Ohio to stand up for over half the country (at last count) who support impeachment?

    What is most maddening is that Rep. Conyers won’t bring the vote, and whether it’s successful or not, at least the lawmakers of this land will be forced to go on record as to whether they were complicit in the war-crimes of the administration, or they decisively opposed.

    If war-crimes and other high-crimes were indeed committed by the administration, then a lawmaker has no choice but to vote to impeach and indict and try the culprits. By refusing to bring the matter to the floor because he speculates that there is “not enough support”, he throws a wrench into the works of the system, and is denying us all the opportunity of seeing where our paid representatives in Congress stand on such grave matters at issue.

    Thank you also for reminding Rep. Conyers of the heroic persistence of prior leaders in face of seemingly overwhelming odds. As Rev. King quotes, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”.

    It is time for Conyers to get with the moral arc here, and help it bend sooner to the inevitable justice these crimes require, instead of monkeywrenching the process with bogus excuses that just don’t add up.

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