Impeachment: What to do next (Action Alert; updated)

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We must contact Judiciary committee chairman John Conyers to make sure he launches an impeachment inquiry, because he will be making that decision on Wednesday, today (11-7-07)!

Email John Conyers at:

Telephone John Conyers at: 202-225-3951

(202) 225-5126 – Washington DC Office

(734) 675-4084 – Trenton, Michigan Office

(313) 961-5670 – Detroit, Michigan Office

John Conyers gov’t WEBPAGE

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What Now?

Submitted by davidswanson on Wed, 2007-11-07
After Downing Street

Thanks to Dennis Kucinich, Tuesday was an historic day for impeachment!

As promised, Kucinich requested a floor vote on H.Res. 333, and as expected, BushDemocrat Leader Steny Hoyer moved to table the bill. And then all hell broke loose as 165 Republicans voted with Kucinich and 85 other brave Democrats to force a debate on impeachment and thereby embarass Nancy Pelosi.

To block that debate, Hoyer moved to send H.Res. 333 back to the Judiciary Committee, and that motion passed with the support of all but 5 Democrats (Kucinich, Bob Filner, Marcy Kaptur, Maxine Waters, and Ed Towns). A live blog of the proceedings is posted at

So what do we do next to move impeachment forward?

1. Call the House Judiciary Committee at 202-225-3951 and demand hearings on H.Res. 333.

2. Email all of the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee:

3. If you live in the district of a House Judiciary Committee member, call their office and tell them you’re a constituent and you want immediate hearings on H.Res. 333. Then join your Congressional District Impeachment Committee

and organize a HonkToImpeach rally

in front of your Representative’s district office. Then keep up the pressure on your Representative every way you can, including letters to the editor, calls to local talk shows, and pointed questions at every community forum attended by your Representative.

4. If your Congress Member is not on the Judiciary Committee, ask them to cosponsor H Res 333:

5. Start a media campaign including op-ed articles on impeaching Cheney, letters-to-the-editor about the Kucinich resolution, and informational picketing in front of the offices of local media, particularly in Detroit for Conyers and NY City for Nadler. Media activism kit: And ask the talk shows to give the Republicans the impeachment debate they claim they wanted:

6. Ask pollsters to poll the public on impeachment, especially of Cheney:

7. Watch for updates and notice of a national conference call with Rep. Dennis Kucinich at

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  12. I called Conyers at this number mentioned on this page. The person who took my call was sincere and seemed to actually be interested in hearing my exact opinions. It made me feel like there was some real representation going on! CALL THIS NUMBER TODAY. It might actually make a difference!

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