The Media’s Plan to Ambush Ron Paul By Mike Whitney

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By Mike Whitney
11/07/07 “ICH

“The American Republic is in remnant status. The stage is set for our country to devolve into a military dictatorship, and few seem to care.” Rep. Ron Paul

First we stop the killing, and then we restore the Constitution. These are our two main priorities. And that’s why I’m voting for Ron Paul. He is the only candidate (with a chance to win) who’s promising to do either. And he’ll keep his word. That makes him the only truly American candidate running for president.

Paul is serious about withdrawing US troops from Iraq. He knows that the war was a mistake and believes that the American occupation must end. He has promised to stop the ongoing slaughter of Iraqi civilians. That should be the primary moral consideration for anyone casting a ballot on November 3.

Will you vote to stop the killing or not? It’s as simple as that.

Paul has also promised to restore the rule of law—to repeal the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act; to reinstate Posse Comitatus, due process, habeas corpus, and the “presumption of innocence”. He’ll make sure that US prisoners—whether they are American citizens or foreign nationals—are treated in way that complies with our treaty obligations, the Geneva Conventions, the Bill of Rights, and the basic tenets of human decency.

Under Paul, the torture will stop. Period.

What other candidate will stop the torture of US prisoners? What other candidate will stop the government’s spying on the American people? What other candidate will challenge Bush’s claim that the president can arbitrarily cast an American citizen in prison and keep him there as long as he chooses without charging him with a crime?

Bush has abolished the basic safeguards which protect the citizen from the long-arm of the state. The legal system needs be purged of his executive signing statements and presidential decrees. Only Paul promises to restore the Constitution. There is no second choice.

Paul is the only candidate who grasps the economic problems facing the nation from our massive deficit spending, the destruction of our manufacturing base, and the falling dollar. He may not be able to pull us back from the brink, but he will rebuild confidence in our currency, our markets, and our trade policies. That’s the best we can hope for given the mess that Bush has created.

On November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, the Paul campaign raised over $4.07 million in one day mostly from private citizens. He surpassed all the other candidates except Hilary Clinton and has raised more than $6.84 million in the first five weeks of this quarter alone. Paul’s “purely” grassroots movement is energized by working class Americans who see his candidacy as a last-ditch effort to end the war in Iraq, reestablish fiscal sanity, and restore civil liberties.

Despite the fact that Paul has a strong personal approval ratings and polls well against his competitors; the media has deliberately—and very successfully—kept him out of the public eye. That will be more difficult to do now that his campaign war-chest is packed with contributions and his base of support is expanding across the country.

We expect the media to ditch its failed strategy of simply ignoring Paul and take the more aggressive approach of attacking him outright. Now that Paul has established himself as a credible threat to the warmongering, autocratic corporate elite; he will have to be discredited through a coordinated media-blitz which will target his voting record, his character, and any other trivial foible which may incite public scorn.

He’s got a bull’s-eye on his back.

We’ve seen it all before, haven’t we? The politics of personal destruction organized and directed from the penthouse suites of the media’s corporate offices?

Perhaps, it will be a repeat of the “Dean Scream”, where the voice of antiwar candidate Howard Dean was isolated from the crowd noise– and played on the mainstream media over 900 times in 48 hours—making Dean look like a maniac and torpedoing whatever chance he may have had of winning the Democratic nomination.

Or maybe it will be like John McCain’s “rumored” out-of-wedlock black baby in the North Carolina primary? Or the “Swift-boating” of John Kerry in the 2004 election? Or the attacks on Dan Rather following his report that the president was a slacker who vamoosed from the “Champagne Unit” of the Texas National Guard during wartime?

Whatever the plan may be, we should know by now that the media will continue to act as the chief adversary of the American people and the cause of freedom. That won’t change until the 5 corporate media-giants are brought to account and busted up into a thousand little pieces.

But don’t expect the Paul supporters to throw in the towel like the weak-kneed Dean throng. These guys are stubborn and resolute. And they won’t budge on matters of principle. They’re not taken in by the media’s cheesy smear-campaigns and they won’t jump off the bandwagon at the first sign of trouble.

The Paul crowd has some heavy artillery of their own, too—and they’re wheeling it into place right now. Their ranks are gradually swelling, the money is pouring in, and they are not going to give up their country without a fight.

This election is shaping up to be a clash of ideals between the people who still believe in freedom and those who don’t. It’s going hand-to-hand combat and it’ll probably crack the country in two.

Good. Let the battle begin. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new revolution.”


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12 thoughts on “The Media’s Plan to Ambush Ron Paul By Mike Whitney

  1. they won’t find anything on Paul, but as was made fairly clear a couple of days ago, because finding dirt on him will be impossible, they are going after his supporters instead, and apparently hoping to take him down by association. Glen Beck referred to Ron Paul supporters as “the only real physical terrorist threat to America”…and so it begins…
    To the author of the post that suggests Dr. Paul does not understand the constitution; I would answer that his TEN terms in congress would argue that point better than any arrangement of words ever could, and I would then be compelled to inquire as to the qualifications and achievments that you clearly MUST have, given the fact that you are saying something so completely untrue/inaccurate about someone you clearly have not investigated at all, much less in a fair or thorough way. With all due respect, given the sheer breadth of the inaccuracy of your comment, it fairly reeks of something that you heard, not something that you discovered or came up with on your own. You would do well to step off the path beaten specifically for you to walk on and try the one less trodden with Dr. Paul, try grasping the basic premise of that document, which was created to protect you from your government…not the other way around.

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  5. Andrew,

    Paul doesn’t believe in the Constitution? You may not believe in his views that the Constitution is meant to be read by ordinary men, but he is gaining ground because many people disagree.

    There is a reason that the framers intended that “Only Congress may declare war”. They knew that waging war required the support of the entire country and should only be entered into when there was a broad consensus that the cause was great enough for men to die for.

    Now you can call the requirement for declaring war archaic, but it seems to me that that when we are going to send people’s sons and daughters off to fight in a foreign land the Congress should be clear on it’s intent and declare war so that everyone knows exactly what is going on.

    Not following the Constitution is what got us into this mess. Same for the money situation. I watched Fast Money on CNBC today and they talked about how the dollar may crash due to it being owned by the Chinese. It would seem that the Chinese are loosing confidence in the dollar and are now looking to sell. If the dollar were pegged to Gold this wouldn’t happen.

    If you can conceive of the possibility that a lot of politicians have made a lot of mistakes for many years then Ron Paul seems like the only reasonable one in the Congress.


    Tom from MA

  6. Paul won’t restore the Constitution. He doesn’t believe in the Constitution. Read his speeches. What he believes in is something more akin to the Articles of Confederation or the Conferate States of America. I mean, he may think he believes in the Constitution, but that’s because he doesn’t understand the Constitution. He does appear to grasp the arguments in those other documents, though.

    If you believe in restoring the Constitution then say later to Paul. He’s not your man.

  7. Don’t wait until the general election either. Get involved in your local GOP and be sure to take part in Caucuses and primaries in your state. First thing we have to do is win the Republican nomination for Dr. Paul!! We are the people doing this thing. To restore the Republic that made America great. I too, am proud once again to be a republican for Ron Paul. It’s the message of Hope and Freedom for America!

  8. Dont forget Kucinich and Gravel, they too have fought hard for this countryand Kucinich is the one who introduced the impeachment resolution.

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