Ron Paul: Full Interview On CNN 11.08.07 (video)

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CNN Interview and Voting Record

Nov. 8, 2007


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2 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Full Interview On CNN 11.08.07 (video)

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  2. A Wolf Blitzer smear job from start to finish. fortunately, Ron Paul counters Wolf’s simple minded attempts to make him look like a racist with clear intelligent responses.

    The League of Arab States and Darfur – Since the people of Darfur are all Ethnic Africans (not “arab Muslims” as pinhead tries to imply.) I fail to see why Arabs should feel obligated to do anything. It might also behoove s***head to mention that the Sudanese government is a U.S. ally and they laughed at Bush when he scolded them at the U.N.

    2. Mugabe – Since when do the powers that be in the U.S. government care about what happens in Africa? If it were a pro U.S. despot doing the dsame thing they wouldn’t say anything.

    3. Rosa Parks – This token mention of Parks was a sad attempt to make Ron look racist. Ron’s response was simply : Why dont we give this woman a medal through donations individually out of the kindness of our hearts instead of having to relieve tax payers of their hard earned money for something not all of them may agree with?

    Blitzer’s biased questioning only proves we dont have a free media in this country. I’m glad Ron kept his cool and made him look stupid.

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