Town Halls & Grand Openings! Meet Dennis This Weekend!

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Hello Everyone!

As you know, it has been an exciting week! Yesterday marked history in the making as Dennis Kucinich not only took an astounding 1st place victory in the Democracy for America poll, but also presented House Resolution 799, the Articles for the Impeachment of Vice-President Richard B. Cheney. H.R. 799 rocked through Rep. Hoyer’s (D-MD) call to “Table” the legislation, a move that could have stalled consideration on Impeachment considerably.

With nearly 50,000 voters coming out to support Kucinich in the DFA poll and the thousands who called their Representatives in Congress to keep Impeachment from being “Tabled,” we have created history.

In a celebration of these huge events, Dennis has decided to host a Town Hall Forum, Question and Answer-style, in Manchester, New Hampshire this Saturday, Nov. 10th. We are highly encouraging everyone in the New England area to come out and show some serious support for Dennis. The event will be held at the Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm Street, in Salon A (the largest room in the Radisson.) This event with Dennis starts at 10:00am and it will go on until 11:00am. Again, we highly encourage everyone in the New England area to come out and show your support. Bring your Kucinich T-Shirts, Signs, and as many friends as you can pack in a car!

Following this event, Dennis will host the Grand Opening of the first Kucinich-Manchester Office on 786 Elm Street (One block from the Radisson) at 12:00pm. This is another great place to bring your Kucinich Signs and T-Shirts after the meeting and come show Manchester how many people really support Dennis Kucinich.

Finally, Dennis will be heading to Concord to host a TWO-hour Town Hall Meeting at the New Hampshire Technical Institute’s Auditorium (31 College Drive) at 3:00pm. This Forum is also Open to the Public and totally free.

With your support, Dennis can keep this momentum moving. If you support the values of Dennis Kucinich and you would like to actually meet him in person, this is an event you can’t miss. Show Dennis your support by coming out to Manchester this weekend.

Where: 700 Elm Street, Radisson Hotel – Manchester, NH
When: 10:00am – 11:00am
Why: To Meet Dennis Kucinich!

Where Else: 768 Elm Street, Grand Opening Kucinich Campaign Office – Manchester, NH
When: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Why: To Show Manchester How Many Really Support Dennis Kucinich!

Where: 31 College Drive, New Hampshire Technical Institute – Concord, NH
When: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Why: Two Hours. Ask Dennis Any Questions You Have.

Come out and show your support!

From the entire Staff at the Kucinich Campaign, Thank You for all you have done and all you will do. You are making the difference.

See you there!


Sanjay Seth
Kucinich for President, 2008
Dover, NH Office
(603) 749-2818
Strength Through Peace

h/t: Dennis Kucinich for President (Official)


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  1. Uh Dennis who? Cmon you must be kidding. This is the guy who sees UFOs and believes government should run every aspect of our lives and control our money? Won’t fly in NH.

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