Randi Rhodes Interviews Rep. Steve Cohen + Young Turks Radio Discuss Kucinich’s Resolution to Impeach Cheney

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Randi Rhodes Interviews Rep. Steve Cohen, Judiciary Committee Member, on Impeachment

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After Downing Street

By Sharona

November 9th Randi Rhodes interviewed Rep. Steve Cohen to discuss the Kucinich Privileged Resolution to impeach Cheney. Rep Steve Cohen (TN) is a member of the House Judiciary Committee and one of the co-sponsors of HRes333 – Impeach Cheney resolution.

Discussion included Pelosi, Conyers and action to get this happening.

Randi asked Rep Cohen if Pelosi is holding Conyers chairmanship over his head to get him NOT to bring impeachment to the HJC.

BTW, this weekend Randi will be in Detroit for political events with John Conyers – stay tuned.

[Note also: Conyers will introduce Cindy Sheehan, whom he had arrested in his office in July for asking him to impeach. – ds]

Audio here.


Young Turks Radio Discuss Kucinich’s Resolution to Impeach Cheney

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After Downing Street

Young Turks radio discuss Kucinich’s Resolution to impeach Cheney and the merits of the Democrats growing balls or at least fractional testicles…

Kucinich Offers Bill to Impeach Cheney

Watch the entire show at http://www.theyoungturks.com. Kucinich pushes for impeachment of the vice president.

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Dennis Kucinich


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  1. Congratulations, Dennis! Dick Cheney has been the most desructive Vice-President in U S history and should be impeached ASAP. His recommendation to take the United States to War in Iraq has proven to be the biggest and most wasteful act in American history. The corruption brought about by the involvement of Haliburton is the worst example of egocentric abuse of power. Impeach Dick Cheney! Better yet, elect Dennis Kucinich President and let peace win!

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