Georgian police accused of brutality + Protest force early elections (videos; sonic gun)

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Georgian police are being accused of brutality during Wednesday’s violent crackdown on opposition protesters in Tbilisi. TV pictures showed officers and soldiers using a range of weapons to disperse crowds, including rubber bullets, tear gas and a sonic gun.

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Public protest force early elections in Georgia

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After declaring state of emergency, Georgian President announces election date

Four years after the 2003 “rose revolution” that propelled him to power, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili is proposing early presidential elections along with a simultaneous parallel referendum on parliamentary elections. The move has been seen as an attempt to snatch the political initiative from his opponents.
Moscow News, November 8, 2007

On November 7th police forcefully dispersed protesters, using tear-gas and water cannons. Scores of people were reported injured. The government then declared a 15-day state of emergency. Riot police stormed the main opposition television station, Imedi, and took it off the air.
The Economist, November 8, 2007