Pro-Impeachment Candidates for 2008

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Submitted by davidswanson on Sat, 2007-11-10 07:07
After Downing Street

In 2008, I plan to support those incumbents who stood for impeachment of Bush and Cheney and led the way to making it happen, plus challengers who backed impeachment early on, before it happened. Here’s a growing list of pro-impeachment challengers. (see below)

Pro-Impeachment Candidates 2008

Submitted by davidswanson on Wed, 2007-10-24 11:13
After Downing Street

Here they are:

List compiled with help from South Jersey Impeachment Coalition


Deborah A. Vollmer (D), MD-8

Mark Lawrence (D), ME

Cindy Sheehan (I), CA-8 against Nancy Pelosi (D).

Camille Abate (D), NJ-5 against Scott Garrett (R).

Harold Burbank, CT-5 against Christopher Murphy (D).

Harold Murphy, CT-5 against Christopher Murphy (D).

Dr. Carol Wolman (G), (Dear Cheryl, My campaign is just getting underway. I’m collecting candidates for the New Broom Coalition (NBC) at the same time as building my campaign, and your help will be invaluable. Lots of people have this idea now, and we’ll all come together. I don’t have a website yet, but you can check out my video from last year, and my oped author’s page. Peace, Carol Wolman, MD Green Candidate for Congress, CA District 1
Cochair, Impeach Bush-Cheney, CA-1 against Mike Thompson (D).

Dr. Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad (D), (exploratory), NJ-1 against Rob Andrews (D). (Joanne O’Neill PDA-SJ is assisting Dr. Ziyad and can answer any inquiries for now:

Dr. Bob Bowman (D),, FL-15 against Dave Weldon (R).

Samm Simpson (FL-10)
against Bill Young (R)

John Laesch (IL-14)

Steve Young (CA-48)
against John Campbell (R)

Dr. Bill Durston (CA-03)
against Dan Lungren (R)

Christina Avalos (CA-40)
against Ed Royce (R)


John Frohnmayer (I), . U.S. Senate, OR against Gordon Smith (R).

Steve Novick (D), U.S. Senate, OR against Gordon Smith (R).

Laurie Dobson. U.S. Senate, ME against Democratic Congressman Tom Allen, Republican incumbent Susan Collins (R), and Independents Dexter Kamilewicz and Bill Slavick.

Chris Lugo (G) Tennessee,

Leland Lehrman, New Mexico


Dennis Kucinich

Mike Gravel


Impeachment on Sirius Satelite Radio tonight at 7 PM ET with Mike Feder:

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Suddenly, Impeachment Hearings Are Looking Like a Strong Possibility By Dave Lindorff

Kucinich Writes to Conyers



2 thoughts on “Pro-Impeachment Candidates for 2008

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for printing this blog notice about my campaign. Here is my website (Please type in the www.)
    Also, I am currently the only pro-impeachment contender. The others have not indicated an intention to run. Also, I have done well in the polls and have been pointed to as a serious contender for Allen to attempt to overcome in a race garnering 7.5 million to date and expect to go to 15 million. (Not that we care about polls or money!)
    Laurie Dobson

  2. Rep Defines Waterboarding as “Not Torture”!
    The Daily Pilot, a local paper published by the Los Angeles Times has a weekly feature entitled “That’s Debatable.” The feature poses a question and asks John Campbell [R,Ca-48] to answer.

    Today’s question was:

    “Michael B. Mukasey, the nominee for attorney general, has been criticized for his views on interrogation techniques, specifically his comments on waterboarding. But Mukasey has said he would enforce a law banning waterboarding if Congress approved it. Do you think if he is confirmed as the next attorney general Congress should move swiftly to approve a law banning waterboarding, and would you vote for such a law?”

    Of course Campbell did not answer the question whether he would vote to ban waterboarding, but his dancing in a buffalo heard answer is even more revealing:

    “Waterboarding is a psychological interrogation technique that does not inflict physical pain or permanent damage.

    Nonetheless, it is reserved only for the worst terrorists who have information that could save dozens, hundreds or thousands of American lives.

    I do not think it is an excessive response to the threats that we face in the world today.

    John Campbell


    (R-Newport Beach)” (emphasis added)

    I doubt that Campbell would vote to ban a “psychological interrogation technique” he sees as so important and that does not inflict pain nor risk of death.

    Are you angry yet? Visit No Waterboarding and contribute.

    The Whitehouse must have issued a memo of talking points because the ever offensive Dana Rohrabacher responding to the same questoin answsered:

    “Waterboarding in and of itself is not torture. It may create a sense of panic, but it’s not physically harmful.

    Obviously if its practiced on an innocent person, then those responsible should be held accountable for the mistake.

    However, the waterboarding of a terrorist to protect thousands of innocent Americans who would otherwise be killed if information to prevent an attack wasn’t obtained, should be applauded.

    We should be grateful we’re able to get this information from terrorists in order to protect our families.

    Dana Rohrabacher


    (R-Huntington Beach)”

    Mr. Campbell, Mr. Rohrabacher, how long has it been since someone tried to drown you?

    Had enough of duplicity? Please contribute to my campaign at No Waterboarding. We are getting the truth out in Orange County.
    Steve Young, Democrat for Congress [Ca-48]
    “I am not one of them!”

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