Kucinich’s New Playbook for Speaking to the Media

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Weak Democrats, pay heed to Dennis Kucinich.

First, Dennis doesn’t let pundits get away with outrageous assertions. Tucker Carlson’s opening remarks on impeachment:

Tucker Carlson: Then it went to committee. That means it’s dead, effectively, right now.

Kucinich fires back.

Dennis Kucinich: I would take issue with the assertion that it’s dead.

Weak Democrat Playbook: Ignore the assertion that impeachment is dead and gratuitously thank Tucker Carlson for the show appearance.

Kucinich Playbook: Immediately strike down the “impeachment is dead” spin. Make viewers understand that there’s a groundswell of support for impeachment, and it’s not some radical leftist idea as the media wants to portray it.

Now Tucker wants to equate impeachment with overthrowing the government:

Tucker Carlson: Okay, I’m willing absolutely to believe that. Um, that there are some people who want to overthrow the government, but I wonder why more Democrats don’t. I mean Democrats control the House of Representatives and the Senate, and presumably, if they wanted to get an impeachment trial rolling they could, but they don’t. Why not?

Dennis Kucinich: Well, when you equate impeachment to the overthrow of the government, you have to keep in mind that Article 2, Section 4, which was part of the Constitution that constituted this government was put in by the founders to restrain administrative abuse of power, and that’s why I brought this resolution to the floor.

Weak Democrat Playbook: Ignore the “overthrow” comment. Answer Tucker’s question about lack of Democratic support for impeachment.

Dennis Kucinich Playbook: School Tucker on the Constitution. The founders were careful to put in checks and balances. Upholding the constitution is defending our system of government, not overthrowing it.

Tucker is pissed that Dennis didn’t take the bait:

Tucker Carlson: I’m merely saying it’s a radical step. Why isn’t your party behind it?

Dennis Kucinich: Tucker, actually it’s not a radical step. It’s something that the Constitution provides for and specifically because the Vice President lied to take us into war against Iraq, facilitated that. Because he’s lying to try and take us into war against Iran, he’s being called to accounting, and that’s what the Constitution calls for. It calls for prosecution for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that prosecution is the process of impeachment.

Weak Democrat Playbook: Ignore the “radical” comment. Answer Tucker’s question about lack of Democratic support for impeachment.

Dennis Kucinich Playbook: School Tucker on the Constitution, again. The VP lied us into war. He’s doing it again with Iran. This is why impeachment is in the Constitution.

Tucker loses his composure now. He is frothing. Dennis still hasn’t answered the question:

Tucker Carlson: For the third time, my question is, why aren’t more Democrats behind this? They promised transformative change in the last election, 2006. They haven’t delivered. We’re still in Iraq. Men are still dying at pretty much the same rate. We still have the same president and vice president. Where’s your party Congressman? Are they afraid?

Dennis Kucinich: Actually, I agree with you Tucker. The people did vote Democrat in 2006 to take a new direction in Iraq, and the American people have a right to expect that the Democratic Party will stand up to this president and bring our troops home. Stop the war. They also have a right to expect that the Democratic Party will hold this administration accountable for abuse of power.

Weak Democrat Playbook: Cave and answer the question.

Dennis Kucinich Playbook: Refuse to answer his smokescreen for a third time. State what true progressives want. End the war, bring our troops home, and stand up to the abuse of power.

Tucker lost this match, so he resorts to snide remarks:

Tucker Carlson: I can’t let you go without asking you. Every time I see, in Saturday Night Live, this Saturday, you are pictured at the debate making out with your wife (laughing). I thought it was kind of a sweet portrayal. Do you think that or are you offended by it? Have you seen yourself on Saturday Night Live?

Dennis Kucinich: You know what, I haven’t, but I’m ready to be on Saturday Night Live. It would be second only to appearing on your show (nods and smiles).

Weak Democrat Playbook: Laugh with Tucker Carlson about the Saturday Night Live skit. Pretend it was funny.

Dennis Kucinich Playbook: Burn! Use sarcasm. Tucker knows his show is about to be canceled. State that an appearance on his show is a great honor (with a mischievous smirk).

Kucinich was similarly impressive in his CBS Early Show appearance. He corrects Harry Smith’s opening assertion.

Harry Smith: Everyone expected it to be tabled, but the Republicans basically called your bluff. “Let’s debate this on the floor.” How surprised were you?

Harry is being a hack. Republicans didn’t call out Kucinich. They called out weak Democrats like Pelosi and Hoyer.

Dennis Kucinich: Well, they didn’t call my bluff.

I was fully prepared for debate with a 3-inch thick binder annotating the violations of law and the violations of the Constitution committed by the Vice President which would justify an impeachment.

Nice! Now Harry is forced to admit why impeachment isn’t moving. Weak Democrats.

Harry Smith: But they certainly called the bluff of the Democratic leadership. You don’t have support from this from Steny Hoyer. You don’t have support from this from Nancy Pelosi. There’s really, what? A handful of you are interested in this.

A handful? 54% of Americans support impeachment of Cheney.

Dennis Kucinich: Harry, you have to remember, there are millions of Americans who are part of a national movement to defend the Constitution, and they understand that the Vice President made a false claim for war and is trying to beat the drums for war against Iran, and they’re calling for action to be done. This isn’t about me and it’s not about the members of Congress to support impeachment.

Weak Democrat Playbook: Harry wants to make this about Democrats. Get defensive. Defend myself and the Democratic Party. The CBS smokescreen is a success.

Dennis Kucinich Playbook: It’s time to go on the offensive. What was your question? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you. The VP lied us into Iraq and now we’re facing war with Iran. Let’s uphold the Constitution through impeachment. The CBS smokescreen fails.

UPDATE: I must be in the twilight zone. #1 Ohio State loses, my beloved Kansas Jayhawks are 10-0, and I’m on the recommended list.

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