Elizabeth Kucinich talks about Impeachment & Health Care & More (videos)

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Sunday November 11, 2007 Elizabeth Kucinich arrived in Denver to attend the Colorado for Kucinich fundraiser brunch held at the Mercury Café. The Mercury Café is one of Denver’s alternative hotspots and has led the way in greening Denver by installing solar panels and wind turbines. The Mercury has been sponsoring bio diesel support groups, and owner Marilyn McGinnity is a great supporter of the Kucinich campaign.

The turn out was large and Kucinich was well received. Colorado4Kucinch organizers stressed the need to get Kucinich supporters out to the precinct caucus process which is held on February 5, 2008. Colorado does not hold a presidential preference primary. Campaign organizers urged members of the audience to remind their friends that December 5, 2007 is the deadline for registering to vote as a Democrat in order to be eligible to participate in the Democratic caucus process.

Paige Tompson introduced Elizabeth Kucinich who took the stage and gave a brief talk about the campaign and some key issues before saying she really wanted to hear from the audience, and answer any questions they may have about issues or the campaign.

Video by Mark Benner
Added: November 13, 2007

Elizabeth Kucinich talks about Green Possibilities

Elizabeth Kucinich talks about the Prison Systems

Elizabeth Kucinich talks about Nuclear Power and Iran

Elizabeth Kucinich talks about Voting Integrity


Elizabeth Kucinich talks about Universal Health Care

Elizabeth Kucinich talks about NASA


Elizabeth Kucinich talks about Nuclear Power


Elizabeth Kucinich talks about NAFTA

Elizabeth Kucinich at the Mercury Café Denver Colorado


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  2. Lo,
    It will be so Interesting when the Party’s Candidate’s, months to bash, self destruct, or loose grace.

    Of course waiting in the wings,
    will be the second strings.

    This should turn out great,
    to the front with the real candidate!

    Dem., Rep., Ind., et al.
    Vote by Absentee Ballot, No morph test thuggery or cage!
    No count ? ? [paper trail !]
    Nothing beats a Failure, but a TRY !

  3. Thank You ELIZABETH KUCINICH For that magnificent and compelling vision of the proper path…. Like cool waters of beautious sanity collecting in cascading pools ~~~

    Thanks for that great post Lo!

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