Olbermann: War, Politics & Veterans + IAVA + Clinton + Fox Gone Wild + Worst (vids)

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November 12, 2007

War, Politics and Veterans

Keith gives his report on George Bush deciding not attend the services at Arlington Cemetary for Veterans Day but instead to stay in Texas. Richard Wolffe weighs in.

Some Way to Say Thanks

Keith gives his report on the Veterans from the IAVA who were not allowed to march in the Veterans Day parade this weekend. Paul Rieckhoff, author of Chasing Ghosts weighs in.

Working the Crowd

Keith talks about the recent Clinton campaign gaff with the planted question and puts it into perspective when compared to the way the current administration has managed the press and had planted reporters in the White House Press corps and during fake FEMA press conferences and whether this might be a common practice of political campaigns. Craig Crawford weighs in.

Fox Gone Wild

Keith talks to Robert Greenwald about how Fox News continually shows smutty videos on their “news” station while all the while faking feined outrage against it and all the while claiming to worry about “family values”.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Tom DeLay. Runners up Mike Huckabee and Rush Limbaugh.


FOX Attacks Decency… with Bill O’Reilly Leading the Way (video)

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  2. Lo,
    T Y. children steal the T.V. from me every night, so w/o your help i’d live in fright.
    Least some out there have the ability to see threw the “smut”, an accounting from the gut.

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