Why Are They So Afraid of Ron Paul? by Justin Raimondo

Dandelion Salad

by Justin Raimondo
November 14, 2007

Neocons and sectarian leftists unite to smear the antiwar Republican

As I predicted last month, the only consistently antiwar candidate on the Republican side of the aisle is breaking through – but in a spectacular manner that I certainly did not foresee. Suddenly, Paul is everywhere, from the Sunday morning talk shows to the length and breadth of the blogosphere. His amazing $4.2 million-in-one-day fundraising feat has entered the annals of presidential politics as the long-promised fulfillment of Internet-based political fundraising. And the myth that it’s all online and not translatable into real people is belied by his recent 5,000-strong Philadelphia rally and similar events in Iowa and elsewhere. Paul has become the equivalent of a rock star among the young, and his appeal goes way beyond the usual libertarian crowd: liberals and conservatives, all races and cultural types, from home-schooling Christians to San Francisco pagans and everything in between. On the Internet, and in the streets, the Ron Paul Revolution, as his followers have dubbed their movement, is taking off.

The conventional wisdom, prior to this breakthrough, was that the Paul campaign was political vaporware, existing exclusively online and not in the material world. Yet that meme is quickly falling by the wayside as his polling numbers are rocketing upwards, from New Hampshire to Nevada. The money windfall – a result that the official campaign had nothing to do with, and which was generated entirely by Paul’s independent supporters acting entirely on their own initiative – has made an advertising blitz possible, with at least two television ads and several radio ads running in early primary states.


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8 thoughts on “Why Are They So Afraid of Ron Paul? by Justin Raimondo

  1. taking votes away from kucinich? oh please. and i thought ron paul supporters had some ridiculous conspiracy theories.

    ron paul has been fighting the establishment for over 30 years. why don’t you go back and take a look at his voluminous archives (try lewrockwell.com), his speeches to congress, his debates with federal reserve governors on the gold standard, his sporadic interviews and media appearances (i.e. the morton downy jr. show in ’88)…he has been saying the same thing, with little variation (except for his position on the death penalty), for years and years.

    i grow tired of hearing the same slurs and rants from the same culprits who refuse to back up any of their statements with facts and generalize to the point of absurdity…why don’t you spend more time flaming “frontrunner” neo-cons like hillary or obama, rudy or romney? the fact of the matter is, if we want to take our country back and neither kucinich nor paul is nominated by their respective parties, we are going to have to form a major coalition with paul and kucinich supporters to get all the genuine disenfranchised anti-war voters together.

    how lame. i thought we had grown up a little on the blogosphere and gotten rid of our partisan politics. maybe you guys don’t realize just how bad things will be if hillary or giuliani get into office? get your fucking priorities straight.



  2. As for splitting the anti-war vote, there are many many pro-life voters who oppose the war but thus far have had no one they could support.

  3. Ron Paul is not anti-war; he is against the Iraq war because the Iraq war is unconstitutional and because the Iraq war is not a just war. He is not anti-government; he simply believes that the federal government should not overstep the bounds outlined for it in the Constitution. And to be pro-life and anti-war is, if nothing else, a consistent stance.

  4. John,

    You make an excellent point. Anybody who claims to be progressive and supports Paul is definitely splitting the anti-war vote.

    It makes no sense. Paul is not anti-war because he is progressive. He is anti-war because he is anti-government.

  5. Ron Paul is the establishment’s trojan horse against Dennis Kucinich. Paul is being used to take away anti-war voters from Dennis Kucinich. This way the establishment can fractionalize the anti-war movement by splitting their vote between candidates from 2 different parties.

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