Dennis Kucinich Demands Impeachment Now! During Debate (video + poll)

Hell, yes! Way to go, Dennis! ~ Lo

Daily Kos poll on the Las Vegas Democratic Candidates debate

h/t: 3rdAndLong

After I voted:

Joe Biden 637 votes – 8 %
Hillary Clinton 1457 votes – 20 %
Chris Dodd 205 votes – 2 %
John Edwards 1215 votes – 17 %
Dennis Kucinich 1467 votes – 20 %
Barack Obama 1908 votes – 26 %
Bill Richardson 235 votes – 3 %

7124 Total Votes

@4:12 AM CT

Updated: Dec. 20, 2007

So, who won?
Joe Biden
8%    1276 votes
Hillary Clinton
18%    2746 votes
Chris Dodd
2%    427 votes
John Edwards
14%    2115 votes
Dennis Kucinich
29%    4247 votes

Barack Obama
22%    3237 votes
Bill Richardson
3%    468 votes

14516 votes

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Dennis Kucinich Talks Impeachment With By Rosalea Barker



18 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich Demands Impeachment Now! During Debate (video + poll)

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  8. Lo,
    Separate the contenders from the pretenders!

    The speaking of hand outs, keeps the chillings,
    than the debating about the awful killing’s!

    Combat veterans, out on the STREET,
    Support our troops, aren’t we neat!

    Now to consider another war, one with Iran,
    this Admin. will get it wrong, ask Saddam.

    Impeachment is the only tool,
    to reign in the “Brain”, & the fool.

    Evict all Incumbents in “08, start to Investigate.
    Vote by Absentee Ballot, No morph test thuggery, or cage.
    No count ? ?
    Nothing beats a failure but a try!!!

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  11. HI Gary. The debate moderators deliberately and continuously omit certain questions to some of the candidates, (Kucinich, Gravel, Richardson). I’ve seen it happen in all of the debates. Clinton gets to go on and on about her health care plan while Dennis doesn’t even have a chance to answer the question. Wonder why?

  12. I was sitting there thinking.. “I’m glad he got that in.”

    Dennis had a few good moments with the short amount of time he was given.

    Blitzer – Congressman Kucinich, You’re the only Dem. who voted against the Patriot Act…

    Kucinich – I read it.

    *Loud Applause*

  13. I watched that debate and he was lucky to get that in. Prior to that a veteran who feared being sent back to Iraq or into Iran asked ALL the candidates what they intended to do to stop them from taking us to war again. Guess which two candidates were conveniently ignored? Kucinich and Richardson (the two staunch) anti war candidates.

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