Overturn the Disorderly Events Ordinance in Chico, CA (petition)

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Nov. 16, 2007

The Disorderly Events Ordinance passed into law on November 6, 2007. This, in spite of the fact that at the public meetings an overwhelming number of individuals were vehemently opposed to the ordinance for a number of reasons. Not a single newspaper supported this ordinance. So, concerned Chicoans are now circulating a petition to overturn this ordinance and put it to a public vote!


Petitions for a referendum against the Disorderly Events ordinance have been approved and are being circulated by the Chico Citizens for Civil Rights. The ordinance limits our right to assemble and is a gross infraction of our civil rights. We have already gathered hundreds of signatures but need people to help gather more. We need 7,000 registered voters in the City of Chico to sign the petition to insure that we gather the necessary amount after invalid signatures are thrown out. We have until December 5th. There will be several events held to raise awareness and funds for our cause. Please sign the petition and help in any other way that you can. We will be at the Saturday Morning Farmers Market (8am-1pm) and at Woodstock’s Pizza every Tuesday and Thursday (5-7pm). **It is our duty as citizens of a democratic society to participate in the democracy to insure not only that our own interests are represented but also that the interests of others are not allowed to supersede the welfare of the People.** Please contact us to help protect our right to assemble.

Email the group at: votedown9.40@gmail.com

Check their website out at:

www.myspace.com/votedown940Get the referendum here!!

Lawyer renders legal opinion: Disorderly Events Ordinance Illegal and Unconstitutional!

Chico Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Donnelly has reviewed this ordinance and determined it is illegal and unconstitutional. Read his opinion here!


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by Jessica Allen
Chico Citizens for Civil Rights

We are concerned about this issue not only for our town, but after doing a lot of research, we have concluded:

There was a city ordinance passed in Santa Barbara in 2005, a “Party Ordinance” that has been copied in college towns all across the country. College towns have historically been the crux of political movements in our country. The “Disorderly Events” ordinance passed 11/06/07 in Chico, CA is much more intrusive upon our Civil Rights than the Santa Barbara ordinance and we are concerned that it will spread across the country as well.

Ch. 9.40 allows “any assembly” (including marches and demonstrations) to be ordered to disperse by the police based upon circumstantial evidence and allows for every person at the event who does not immediately disperse to be ticketed “every hour upon the hour or part of an hour.” The amount of the fine and the number of fines “shall be determined by the enforcement officer”. The initial appeal process involves a direct appeal to the chief of police. The official administrative appeal process can only be undertaken if you have paid the fine. The hearing officer is to be the ex-chief of police and current Butte Community College head of the police department.

h/t: VOTE DOWN 940, Disorderly Events ordinance


Chico Peace and Justice Center “harassed” by Police **Disorderly Events update (Dec. 17, 2007)