Bill Moyers talks with Manuel A. Vásquez (video link; immigration)

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Bill Moyers talks with Manuel A. Vásquez

November 16, 2007

A different take on immigration from author Manuel Vásquez. “This whole concept of illegality…is really problematic. Because it really doesn’t go to the complexities of the situation,” he says.

Manuel Vásquez, born in El Salvador, is an associate professor of sociology and religion at the University of Florida in Gainesville, specializing in the ways in which Latino immigration affects American communities.

In his studies, Vásquez has focused upon a growing sense of transnationalism among immigrant populations. “Today’s immigrants are able to have dual loyalties,” he explains to Bill Moyers. “That it’s not one or the other, but that one can have roots in the country of settlement, but also one can still have ties with your home country.”

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