Why Isn’t Dennis Kucinich A Frontrunner? (video)

If only his name was included in the polls, maybe he would have higher numbers. Kucinich does well in most of the online polls I’ve seen and the after the debate polls, too. ~ Lo

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Dennis Kucinich’s replies @ 11-15-07 Dem. debate (video)

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Daily Kos poll on the Las Vegas Democratic Candidates debate DK takes the lead at 25%!

This is Why Kucinich is Down in the Polls By Manila Ryce


8 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Dennis Kucinich A Frontrunner? (video)

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  2. The mainstream media needs to stop influencing the masses. They should stick to reporting the news, not giving us their distorted opinions. Stop telling us who the frontrunners are!

  3. Let’s take a page from the Ron Paul handbook and each of us donate a $100 to Dennis Kucinich on December 15, 2007, the day the Bill of Rights took affect!

    GO TO http://www.december152007.com and make your pledge to join this historic mass campaign donation with a goal of $10 million for peace and truth!!! DECEMBER152007.COM

    “You can have a president that was right about Iraq, who voted against it from the beginning, and against the funding. You can have a president who is for a single payer not-for-profit health care system, one who will stop the Patriot Act — or you can have a president who’s tall.”
    – Dennis Kucinich during the Hanover, New Hampshire Presidential Debate, Dartmouth College, 26 August 2007.

  4. Tucker was the only one asking that negative question and contributing negative remarks. WE should stop repeating “Why isn’t he a frontrunner ” and start declaring “He IS a frontrunner”. I say he is THE frontrunner–the media just hasn’t recognized it yet.

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  6. I agree with you. Kucinich is a man who has shown the courage to stand up and say what must be said. Having been involved in a Campaign I can tell you that the best person does not always win. Why? Well that’s a question with many twists & turns. First and foremost it’s the media! This media of the last 20 years has changed so much that it makes ones head spin. “We the people are to blame as well. We’ve been asleep at the switch!

    The media has bombarded us with so much garbage over the years that many have been caught up in the fog of deception & confusion. Certain Christian groups have not acted in a Christian way! All one has to do is look at Blackwater! I, as a Christian, am ashamed of what many have done in the name of the Christ! This war in Iraq is a perfect example!

    But nothing worth having ever comes easy as our founding fathers found out. What they had though, sadly missing today, was the courage to press on no matter what it took! And so the Constitution and Bill of Rights was born! Now if “We” stand down, continue to bury our head in the sand it will be the death of this wonderful, full of possibilities, precious, document.

    “We” were warned to never stand down and become careless or complacent. Our founding fathers, as did the Christ, told us to be vigilant or “We” would be lost in the wilderness of confusion & despair. And so here we are. “WE” have been betrayed by certain Christian as well as other religious groups and our own government. Many leaders of the US government have fallen into the abyss so now it’s our task to lift our nation up if elected officials are unable to do the job.

    I am as angry as you about the way the media and the democratic party, overall, has treated Kucinich. They have not been decent towards Gov.Richardson as well. But then again we should be holding these biased, evil, media moguls, the legislators that serve them and the two slanted parties (Democrats & Republicans) to account. DareToDreamNetwork.net does just that.

    I founded DTDN in 91 because of the injustices that I was witnessed loved ones and others being forced to go through the proverbial ringer because insurance companies and corporations in general were getting away with murder. Yes I said murder! When you have the power, that insurance companies have, carte blanc, to deny lifesaving care to those who need it and they deny them over and over again, for many, that means death! Death of the body, mind or spirit to me adds up to murder!

    Remember that many corporations own networks whose format is designed to influence the way you or I think! FOX NEWS is a perfect example! But the other networks with the exception of the independent networks are guilty as well.

    So It leaves it up to us! You and I! The “WE” of this nation must step up to the plate if we are to free ourselves of the yoke of bondage that others would “DARE” put us in…

    I agree with you! KUCINICH is a good man! Dennis is doing his best to get the word out about the bigger picture facing America. Stay the course and “We” and Kucinich will make a difference in the course this nation must take in order to embrace a much needed healing.

    Assume Nothing! Question Everything!

  7. No kidding, Bunkie. But as you said at least he did say some positive statements about the Kucinich campaign.

    What I really don’t understand is why the MSM even mentions his height? What does that have to do with anything?????

  8. Tucker Carlson actually admits that Dennis is the candidate who represents traditional Democratic ideals. Shocked, I tell you, shocked. He still can’t help himself and has to make a UFO comment. Still a jerk but press is press and when it comes to Kucinich the MSM will only mention him in the most demeaning way.

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