Dennis Kucinich: Light Up Black Friday (video)

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A Call to Action.
On November 23rd, Kucinich Supporters will join together to donate $100 a peice.

If we can get 100,000 people to donate $100 dollars, we will raise 10 million dollars.

Repost this video everywhere, or better yet, MAKE YOUR OWN!

Let everybody know about the 23rd of November!

Light Up Black Friday!

h/t: Asherp


Dennis Kucinich for President – Contribute

8 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: Light Up Black Friday (video)

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  3. i donated today!

    thanks for all your posts on kucinich, Lo. i’m liking the guy more and more. especially after seeing what the young kucinich did as mayor, the assassination attempt, and his views on the fed.

    you’ll be happy to know that in sacramento at the farmer’s market the paul table and the kucinich table are often side by side, and we all know and love each other because we’ve got our priorities straight and recognize that these are the only two candidates who have any chance of getting our country back on track!


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