Gravel: Hillary, Your Lips are Moving and You’re Lying + Mike Gravel Alternative Debate (videos)

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On Thursday, November 15th, Sen. Mike Gravel was not invited to CNN’s debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, because once again, money plays the controlling factor in presidential politics.

During the debate in Las Vegas, Sen. Gravel maintained an alternative debate nearby, discussing the other candidates, their policies, and their rhetoric with his supporters, both in attendance, and streamed live via

In this clip, Sen. Gravel confronts Hillary clinton about her history of public policy relating to Iran.


Updated: Nov. 19, 2007 2:06 PM CT

Mike Gravel Alternative Debate 11-15-07

2 hr 53 min 18 sec – Nov 17, 2007

I personally think it’s time that the supporters of lesser known candidates (even those in the Republican Party) work together for the sole purpose of making these debates fair. Each candidate must be given the same amount of speaking time. The threat of a boycott or even legal action from a large segment of the public could bring that about. The corporate media must be held accountable, and hitting them while ratings are low due to the writers’ strike is probably the best time to do it. Leave me a comment if you’d like to help me get that started, or have ideas regarding such a cross-party movement.

…The first 13 ½ minutes is them trying to get the audio working. In between that time and about the 28 minute mark, Mike is killing time before the debate starts on television. The rest is both insightful and humorous. There’s nothing better than grumpy uncle Gravel giving commentary about a rigged event. He lets candidates get their points in, but at times it’s like a political version of Mystery Science Theater. Kudos Mike.

video no longer available


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