Olbermann: Where Does the Buck Stop? + Conspiracy Theories + Gonzo But Not Forgotten + Funding Fight + Worst (videos)

Dandelion Salad


Nov. 20, 2007

Where Does the Buck Stop?

Keith gives his report on the latest revelations about the Scott McClellan book. David Shuster weighs in.

Conspiracy Theories

Keith discusses the potential legal ramifications from McClellan’s book with John Dean in Countdown’s continuing series on broken government.

Gonzo But Not Forgotten

Alberto Gonzales was met with protesters when he appeared for a speaking engagement at the University of Florida in Gainsville. Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post weighs in.

Best Person

Funding Fight

Jack Murtha and David Obey gave a press conference today where they slammed the Pentagon for not being truthful with the American people. Richard Wolffe weighs in on the fight over the funding.

Worst Person

And the winner is….the Pentagon. Runners up Tom DeLay and Glenn Beck.