Ron Paul asked about Dennis Kucinich as a running mate (video)

Update: Nov. 29, 2007


Kucinich considers GOP Ron Paul as his running mate by Sabrina Eaton (audio)

Update: Nov. 28, 2007

See After the Rep Debate: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell + Ron Paul VP Question (videos)

Update: Nov. 26, 2007

See: Kucinich suggests a Republican running mate by Sabrina Eaton & Stephen Koff

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Note: replaced video June 24, 2013

Washington Post caller asks Ron Paul about Dennis Kucinich

RonPaulvsTyranny November 20, 2007

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Kucinich: Dennis on Health Care; Peak Oil & Elizabeth on Ron Paul; 9-11 Truth (video)



29 thoughts on “Ron Paul asked about Dennis Kucinich as a running mate (video)

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  5. I used to be a RP fan until I read many of his comments exposing his religious zeal. There is a point where religion DOES become an issue, and RP crossed it.

    To me he comes across as a wannabe fanatic despite his strong constitutional leanings. I am a fan of Kucinich but would most suredly not vote for a ticket with RP on it — never. The man scares me. Like a white Alan Keyes.

  6. I agree with psychokitty she said the same thing I was thinking. Forget about what side your going to choose and just vote for who you think is going to do the best job, and if you have a computer and have done your reserch you will most likely see Hilary and Obama are not a very good choice. I literally tried to search for positive aspects of them and could not find any! None what so ever! So I will not be voting for either of them. Ron Paul’s ideas go hand in hand with mine besides cutting education budgets. I support his cause because I think he can do the best job for this forsaken country we call the land of the free, its all bullshit we have been force fed for the last 80 years what they want us to see which is why RP never gets and light, hes a threat to the global plan. He might not win but atleast I will have done what I thought was right in voting for him, and I hope everyone else will do the same.

  7. Kucinich and Paul on the same ticket would be over-powering. A huge opportunity to correct the role of Executive Branch. Supporters of each candidate tend to be the most loyal within each party.

  8. Begone with such phantoms.

    Dennis is catholic, but you find no dogmata from him,
    while that religiously lunatic charlatane is diametrically
    different. (TRUTH blahblah everyone KNOWS blahblah
    – in a very blonde way utilizing a niche of attracting political
    youngsters who have(?) grown up in a totalitarian system)

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  10. 1776 … long live the Revolution.

    Many people forget that this country is a Constitutional Republic not a direct Democracy. A true Democracy is tyranny by majority. The founding fathers understood this and setup our Constitution to provide a Republic where the rights of the individual are protected from the will of the majority.

    True “American Patriotism” as our founding fathers saw it, is the resistance of Government tyranny when it infringes on the rights of the individual. Freedom and personal liberty belong to each and every human being regardless of the existence of a government. The founding fathers revolted against King George and the British government by declaring these concepts, indeed risking their lives in the process. Those same men are now some of our greatest heros in history.

    Today, men and women who stand for these same ideals are commonly ridiculed. Great men such as Ron Paul who stand firm on concepts that matter to our personal rights, freedom and liberty … as well as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are often ignored. Too often all of us are blinded by false perceptions.

    Republicans and Democrats are, for the most part, busy wrapped up in using the government to pursue and execute their personal agendas. This concept is wrong. The role of government is not supposed to be social engineering our country the way the majority feels they think it should run. That logic results in oppression of individual liberty that is no different than the fascists we have fought over the years and that we continue to fight today. Instead, the role of Government is supposed to be protecting the rights and liberty of the citizens. Government is indeed needed as designed in a Republic to protect the liberty of each individual from every other person.

    We need our country back, we need Ron Paul.

  11. Two opposites in the white house? Great idea, Maybe if bush had an oppossing view on things from someone in his addministration, they could have talked him out of some of the idiotic bs he has done while in office!

  12. the person that said along the lines that this is a bad idea and that whoever suggested it is an idiot is an idiot for one calling that person an idiot for having a very nice idea because this election is a lot more important than keeping things in the staus quo
    as mentioned before the similarities of integrity the constitution as of freedom of speech the 4th amendment and foreign policy civil liberties corporate welfare special interests freedom and liberty are s lot more important than the differences if they just focused on those things it would be a better 4-8 years then the republicrats of the last 40 years it doesn’t matter whether you want to call it a corporation or a government it matters whether it equally follows the rule of law and democracy or is an argumentative fear mongering ignorant idiot organization
    I believe there would be a lot of people that would support a unity ticket
    it has come to the point that the blurs of the leach politicians of either party have more in common with each other than that which may distinguish the similarities of honest representatives of different parties
    the better of two honest, even if from different parties, people would have more in common to each other than the lesser of two evils of either party
    and if you cant see that you are the idiot
    and a child and know nothing of politics or how to notice differences you are tool and only see two options of the same when there are infinate and want to push your narrow views on others
    I would say you know nothing of original thought or
    maybe during the American Revolution you would of supported the Brittish so why dont you go back to Canada and take your patriot act with you and your Nafta and wto your corporate welfare and free speech zone too, its your knee jerk limited negative attitude that we are in the shape we are in

  13. Either of these 2 candidates would be better for our country than any of the other candidates running.
    I don’t understand however, why some people have to be so closed minded and only vote along party lines, instead of on who might be best for our country.
    I, by no means classify myself as a republican, but do feel Ron Paul would be the better choice. Do I agree 100% with what he stands for? No. But no one in this world can agree with 100% of what anyone does. Differences make us unique. Kucinich would also be a good choice, but doesn’t stand a chance against Hillary or Obama (those are the 2 that need to be stopped, neither of them put our country’s needs ahead of their own selfish agendas, IMO). If Paul and Kucinich were running mates? Wow, what a team! Imagaine what our country could be! Their similar stances on the important issues would really help to change and motivate our country, and they would be a check and balance for the issues they don’t agree on. Let’s put the distraction issues like abortion and other issues on the back burner, and focus on what’s really important. Our freedom!

  14. I would rather have Ron Paul running mate be someone like Jesse Ventura or someone else with a more Libertarian ideals.

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  16. If I may inject too, I think L Camberlain shares my view. This goes beyond partisan politics or even ideologies. We have a system now that is exactly what Eisenhower said we must guard against. That is the military industrial complex.

    Both Ron Paul and Kucinich are against NAFTA and the WTO in addition to that. Both are not paid for by the corporate bribery system of lobbyists, both want to reopen 9/11 investigations.

    Lincoln appointed his political rivals in his cabinet at a time of great American crisis, not because he agreed with them on every issue but because he desperately wanted to heal a nation torn by differences. I am biased towards Kucinich as a supporter, but I think that Ron Paul is man of integrity and thats not some small issue. I wish him and his supporters well and if there is a joint ticket, I am all for it.

  17. -b-

    Kucinich and Paul may take the same position on the *goals* on those issues, yet they have vastly different approaches on how to reach those goals.

    eg. “scaling back executive power” Paul wants to remove the federal agency (true, it can’t be corrupted if it doesn’t exist.) I’ve studied the fall out of a free market at the turn of the 19th c as part of my undergrad degree in urban planning. To give free reign to the companies who currently have manipulated their way into our federal gov’t is not a viable solution for the majority of Americans.

    another example: “getting rid of corporate/HMO/third-party control of health care system”

    True, they both believe this goal, however in Paul’s plan to put the burden of buying health insurance on individuals, it’s still “the healthier the person, the lower the insurance would cost.” Kucinich’s support of a single-payer plan means people are treated for all illnesses and injuries, without the burden of increased insurance costs.

    They are very different.


    ps- I support neither of these canidates, but do find Kucinich more appealing and would vote for him if he won the nomination (will caucus for him too if he’s second and HIllary’s first 😉

  18. andrew,

    yeah, call me ignorant. that will get you far.

    ron paul and kucinich take the same position on:

    the patriot act
    the military commissions act
    the national i.d. card
    the war on drugs
    the death penalty
    the wto, nafta, the imf and the world bank
    the war in iraq and iran
    abolishing private monopoly control of the fed
    scaling back executive power
    getting rid of corporate/HMO/third-party control of health care system
    restoring transparency, local control and openness to government

    etc. etc.

    they do differ fundamentally on:

    gun control
    abortion (though even kucinich started out being pro-life)
    the united nations
    federal control of the economy
    etc .etc.

    and they may not agree on all their solutions (kucinich says universal not-for-profit single-payer health care, paul says truly free market health care that restores the doctor-patient relationship), but that is why their alliance would be so brilliant, as they are bound to strike some rich compromises along the way, and the debate would teach us all something. imagine the meeting of these two brilliant minds! one can only hope and imagine.


  19. “…but and this is a big BUTT, Ron Paul does not apparently believe as he has said that he believed in accountability, he voted to table the recent Impeachment resolution against Cheney, H Res 799…”
    You may want to investigate just why Ron Paul voted to table H.R. 799. Finally, we have a candidate that actually wants to investigate and consider validity instead of jumping head first. Ron Paul knows EXACTLY what the U.S. Constitution says. If a few more Congresspeople would have taken Ron Paul’s cautious and informed approach when faced with the Iraq invasion, the USA may not have be in the position we are currently in.

  20. I agree that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are opposites on most of the social issues but they are both against the huge build up and use of the Military Industrial Complex as a tool to maintain our economic superiority around the World. They also agree that we are a fascist, corporate state and they would agree that measures must be taken to pry the corporate leaches off our backs by a number of means, ending NAFTA, CAFTA, the WTO, ending corporate welfare of all kinds and busting up the megalopolies with anti-trust legislation. I am sure that Dennis could get behind ending the Fed Reserve and restoring the value of our money. On the social issues, let’s face everyone, we may need to compromise on a few of those ourselves. I see Fed subsidized, expanded state managed not for profit health systems, rather than the Feds managing it, I see Social Security as having to be maintained but perhaps a option to op out to the generation that is just coming up., giving some choice in the matter. They both believe in the Constitution and would restore it to it’s rightful place in our legal system but and this is a big BUTT, Ron Paul does not apparently believe as he has said that he believed in accountability, he voted to table the recent Impeachment resolution against Cheney, H Res 799, so RP better go back and read the Constitution yet one more time because I think he is starting to forget what it really says!

  21. I agree that these two are polar opposites. It’s an insult to Kucinich to suggest that he should be Ron Paul’s running mate. It’s outrageous.

    We need to stop bickering and come together! Who’s bickering! I’ve made a decision based on my own personal research. If you can convince me I’m wrong then do it. I’m not going to support your candidate when I only agree with him on one point, and that’s to end the war.

  22. It is a ridiculous idea. Dennis Kucinich is a progressive social democratic candidate whereas Ron Paul is a right-wing extremist. It would be like putting George Wallace and George McGovern on the same ticket.

    People calling for this reveal themselves as having no clue about politics. I am embarrassed for people who display such ignorance in public.

  23. actually, ron paul has a consistent record spanning over 30 years of speaking out against and fighting the establishment. he didn’t “suddenly” come into these views. he has always been against wars of aggression, whether it be overseas or against drugs, poverty or our civil liberties. but i don’t want to repeat myself here. check out my comments under “‘why are they so afraid of ron paul?”

    paul/kucinich ’08!

    thanks again Lo for keeping it positive. we need to stop bickering and come together.


  24. Wow. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul CAN’T be running mates. Their philosphies and agendas are polar opposites. Ron Paul might say he wants to bring the troops home, but if you watch him closely over the years you’ll notice he isn’t really “anti-war”. He is not a “peace” candidate and he always votes in favor of big business. Dennis is more of a “We the People” candidate. Not Ron Paul. RP watches out for the Corporations. I personally believe Ron Paul is putting the “anti-patriot act” thing out there because it’s one of the best ways to get supporters. I don’t trust Ron Paul.

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