Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Visits Reno (video)

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From KRNV tv:

Decision 2008 takes center stage again today in Northern Nevada, as presidential candidate Ron Paul campaigns for your vote. Paul’s trip ended Tuesday afternoon with a rally at the University of Nevada, Reno, where thousands showed up to show their support.

Paul is not exactly a household name in this election but that’s not slowing him down. Before the rally, Paul backers wrote the entire constitution in chalk in front of Lawlor Events Center. Paul calls himself a proponent of limited government and individual freedom and the only Republican candidate with a strong stance against the War in Iraq.

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4 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Visits Reno (video)

  1. i was at this particular rally…what really strikes me about ron in person is that he fully embodies his libertarian ideals…there isn’t a trace of aristocratic bearing or aggressive overtones…despite the size of his crowds, he manages to make time for all of his supporters on an individual basis…such a humble, straightforward man…wears tennis shoes and is always smiling and genuinely interested in what people have to say…i wish everyone got the opportunity to talk with him…as he said in his speech, “this is *your* revolution, i’m glad you invited me to join you along the way!”

    another thing…it is great to see the way ron paul people work…whenever anyone is in need, someone else is there to volunteer their time, their money, their food, their materials, etc. and that’s how the campaign has been able to get so far so fast. when people are given their power and their wealth back, people are able to use their resources in a genuinely humanitarian way…if the country was run the way the campaign is being run, we would all be in a good state of affairs. just look at all the human creativity and energy that is released! the chalk constitution is one example, along with the hundreds of songs and videos and performances dedicated to the ron paul revolution. it is truly a beautiful thing to behold. thanks again, Lo.

    p.s. i donated to kucinich today.


  2. Paul backers wrote it N.Pannbacker, not Ron. Ron has constant high turnouts. The media is still under an odd directive, from who? William Sessions said, “There is no one in media of any significance that we don’t own”. It is obvious to me that media bias is an orchestrated event. Orchestrated by who? The answer is right in front of your nose. Ron Paul is for the people. This is counterproductive to the ones in power right now and poses a threat to them. Ron’s message resonates with people that want freedom. Freedom is popular to everyone!

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