Report: IAF knocked out Syria radar during Sept. 6 strike By Yossi Melman

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By Yossi Melman
Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service

The Israel Air Force hit a Syrian radar post near the country’s northern border with Turkey on September 6, knocking out Syria’s entire radar system as a prelude to striking a suspected nuclear reactor, Aviation Week & Space Technology is reporting in its November 26 edition.

The radar site was hit with a combination of electronic attack and precision bombs to allow the IAF to enter and exit Syrian airspace unobserved, the report said.

Subsequently all of Syria’s air-defense radar system went off the air for a period of time that encompassed the raid, U.S. intelligence analysts told Aviation Week.

According to the report, the United States provided Israel with information about Syrian air defenses as Israel carried out the strike.

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