Rudd romps to historic win + Howard’s reign in Australia ends

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End of the Last of the Coalition of the Blood Spilling

By Rob Taylor, Reuters
After Downing Street
Nov. 24, 2007

Howard lost! 🙂

Australia’s Rudd promises generational change

BRISBANE (Reuters) – Australia’s new Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd, a Mandarin-speaking former diplomat, has promised generational change and to bury past battles between unions and business and economic growth and the environment.

Rudd says he will immediately sign the Kyoto Protocol on climate change and has pledged to withdraw combat troops from the Iraq war, which has labeled a disaster, dumping long-held positions held by outgoing conservative leader John Howard.

“It is necessary for us to embrace the future as a nation united, forged with a common future,” said Rudd after a victory on Saturday in elections, ending 11 years of conservative rule.

“I want to put aside the old battles of the past, the old battles between business and unions, the old battles between growth and the environment…,” he said. “It’s time for a new chapter in our nation’s history to begin.”

Rudd pinned Labor’s revival hopes on heartland family promises to improve hospitals and education, turning schools into “digital” classrooms with computers for every student and to scrap controversial labor laws.



Labor wins Australian elections

Al Jazeera English

John Howard has conceded victory to Kevin Rudd, the Labor Party leader, ending his 11-years as Australia’s prime minister.

Howard, who is likely to lose his own seat of Bennelong in Sydney, making him the first prime minister to do so in 78 years, described Labor’s win as an “emphatic victory”.


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Rudd romps to historic win

by Jason Koutsoukis
November 25, 2007

As a triumphant Kevin Rudd last night led Labor to an historic landslide victory with a national swing of 5.7% giving him a likely majority of 24 seats, ousted prime minister John Howard suffered an ignominious end to his 33-year political career with the apparent loss of his seat of Bennelong.

Labor’s victory means that for the first time in Australian history Labor now holds government in every state, territory and at Commonwealth level.

It also means that for the first time a woman, Julia Gillard, will hold the second-highest public office in the land.


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Howard’s reign in Australia ends

Staff and agencies
Saturday November 24, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

Prime minister John Howard today admitted defeat in Australia’s general election, and looks set to lose his parliamentary seat.

Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd swept to power, ending an 11-year conservative era and promising major changes to policies on global warming and his country’s role in the Iraq war.

The win marked a humiliating end to the career of Howard, who became Australia’s second-longest serving leader – and who had appeared almost unassailable as little as a year ago.


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Australian Leader Defeated in Election

The Associated Press
Saturday, November 24, 2007; 5:11 PM