The Myth Of Free Markets – And The Corporate Lie Behind It (video)

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We currently have a coordinated misinformation campaign to convince people that free market laissez-faire economic policies are the direction we need to take in our trade policies. We need to educate ourselves in going back to proven pragmatic trade philosophies that work and debunk common free market myths and “debates”. I hope this video helps with that goal.

NOTE: this video has my personal opinion about Presidential candidates, although the general that are discussed are relevant to everyone.

Issues raised in the video:
One: “You are a Communist!”
Two: “Globalization is inevitable”
Three: “You are a big government socialist”
Bonus issue: Healthcare
Four: “Privatization is good”
Five: “We need a new Reagan”
Six: “The Welfare State”

Free trade resource – International Fair Trade Organization

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington:

The Tax Foundation:
Federal spending in each state per Federal Dollar of taxes…

Amusing video on Big Box retailers:…

Added: November 24, 2007

6 thoughts on “The Myth Of Free Markets – And The Corporate Lie Behind It (video)

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  2. Thanks Dandelion for posting this.

    For one I am not a defender of Clinton or any member of the DLC including Gore. The DLC is the pro corporate wing of the Democratic party (or what they call the Third Way) and I do not support that philosophy at all. Clinton was a good president that seems great because he was “book ended” by the worse screw ups in American history. Reagan-Bush Sr.-Clinton-Bush. Clinton was a very smart man and a great diplomat but his domestic policies were terrible.

    I am almost done with part 2, of this video…Thanksgiving slowed me down a bit. But thanks again for posting it 😀

  3. There are a number of problems with this admirable argument. First of all, the stuff the corporations and Elite call “free trade” is not even close. If NAFTA was simply about lowering or deleting import tariffs, it would be a 5 page document–not the phone book-sized monolith it is. The so-called “free trade” we have these days is just a bunch of insider good ole boys making their cartels stronger than ever.

    We’ve never tried free trade.

    And some of the big’gest free trade proponents (like Ron Paul) voted AGAINST opening trade with China and against NAFTA……

    Plus–NEVER FORGET that Clinton—and especially Gore–are the ones that pushed NAFTA……

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