Olbermann: Grand Old Party Pooper + Generals Dissent + Iraq of Ages + Worst (videos)

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Grand Old Party Pooper 

Keith gives his report on Trent Lott leaving the Senate for the greener pastures of the lobbying world. Eugene Robinson weighs in.

Generals Dissent 

Keith discusses the next assessment of the occupation in Iraq which is due in March and that the generals hope this time around it will incorporate more views other than just those of Gen. Petraeus. Thomas Ricks weighs in on what the next report may bring.

Iraq of Ages 

The White House signed a declaration of principles with Iraq bypassing Congress which would give preferential treatment to American businesses and for permanent bases there. Also the White House is moving the goal posts with their intentions on how long we’re going to stay in Iraq and trying to assure that the next administration is stuck in Iraq. Richard Wolffe weighs in.

Worst Person 

And the winner is……the New York Post. Runners up John Gibson and Rudy Giuliani.


Kucinich: As The Administration Scales Back Political Goals For Iraq, It Prepares American Public For Prolonged Occupation

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