Exclusive: Maybe Ron Paul Supporters Are “Paultards” By William Mac

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By William Mac
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November 27, 2007

Maybe Ron Paul Supporters Are “Paultards”

At first I could not understand how people could possibly ridicule Ron Paul supporters. Never mind political affiliation of party or presidential candidate, there is no use in verbally flogging the supporters. As a Ron Paul supporter myself, I personally took this as an insult. They even came up with a name for it and I began seeing it circulated time and time again throughout the blogosphere – “Paultards”. Man, what a cheap shot; right below the belt. Don’t you have anything better to do? Why get pissed at Ron Paul supporters AND call us retarded at the same time? Unfortunately, as the wheels keep on turning and as time keeps on ticking, I might just have to agree that a lot of Ron Paul supporters are just plain Paultarded.

If simply reading that causes your blood pressure to rise and your knuckles to crunch white then you’re probably Paultarded. If you now feel the insatiable need to retort in complete anger – you’re a Paultard. Hey, don’t blame me. Blame yourself. After all, I’m not the Paultard, you are. It’s kind of catchy too. It just rolls off the tongue. P-a-u-l-t-a-r-d.

No, I haven’t stopped supporting Ron Paul and I haven’t succumbed to negative peer-blog pressure. I have simply come to the realization that my candidate of choice has been misrepresented by a lot of overly emotional and blindingly passionate zealots who have no real rhyme or reason, nonetheless understanding of exactly why they are pushing the Ron Paul ticket so vehemently in the faces of unsuspecting innocent bystanders.

A few days ago a friend of mine that lives in the downtown area of Atlanta, Georgia called me on the phone and asked — as if to be reassured — if I was indeed a Ron Paul supporter. I answered that yes, I indeed am a Ron Paul supporter. She began to ask me a few questions about Ron Paul and his policies as well as his personal opinions about certain social and moral issues, all of which I answered easily (I am a supporter after all). After the strange Q & A session ended she then exclaimed over the phone “well why in the hell didn’t the other supporters just say that?” Good question.

Apparently what had happened is that my friend encountered a group of very loud and emotional white-shoed college kids with Ron Paul signs. They were handing out brochures labeled “50 Reasons to Vote for Ron Paul”. My friend proceeded to quiz them as to the reason why they were supporting ol’ Ron just as she did with me over the phone afterwards. Yet, instead of yielding any kind of logical answers, the so-called Ron Paul supporters simply threw out responses like “he’s for America” or “like, he is totally all about America and stuff, like he believes in what America is all about.” I don’t know about you, but I figure that’s a pretty uneducated way to respond to questions about a man’s character, policies and political platform. Basically, my poor unsuspecting friend had encountered a cultish mob of Paultards. They ARE real! Scary.

If the responses weren’t bad enough, she read me some of the 50 Reasons to Vote for Ron Paul. Three of them were “He isn’t married to Hillary Clinton”, “Hillary Clinton isn’t his wife” and “He’s been married for over 50 years, and not to Hillary Clinton”. I cringed. I buried my head into my hands and shook my skull around wildly just trying to understand the lunacy of it all. I did not succeed.

According to USAElectionPolls.com the Internet demographic data of Ron Paul supporters is primarily made up of the 18 – 24-year old age range. Although I am 21-years old myself, this is actually my worst nightmare. This means college kids. You can call me a pompous stereotype-spewing prick, but I just can’t stand most college kids. I think they’re overly idealistic, needlessly emotional, pseudo-intellectual brats looking for any kind of spark or reason to feel as if they are doing something acceptable by the café coffee crowd standards of false Bohemia and stupid 60’s hippy cult movies (not the good ones either like “Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!” or “Head”).

Now I understand. There is a massive cult-like Paultard uprising effectively soiling the good name of my respected chosen candidate. These chronic masturbators flood the streets with homemade signs and bumper stickers scaring away logical voters whilst recruiting other lost youth with low self-esteem to the Ron Paul doctrine. I would not be surprised if they hold rituals and sacrifices in front of a wall of campaign buttons within their dormitories in between spamming YouTube channels, blogs and online polls.

It isn’t just the lack of rhetorical skills that make these Paultards … well, Paultarded; it is also their completely vapid reasons for supporting the man in the first place. They have no real idea as to why they’re supporting Ron Paul so passionately. I figure they’re caught up in some kind of existential popularity high.

Because of these Paultards, those of us with real knowledge and reasons for supporting have become laughing stocks among many various political opinion pockets throughout the Internet. We’ve been labeled and weighed and found knowledgeably dead concerning such arbitrary issues a facts, reasons, understanding and purpose for our passionate support of Doctor Ron Paul and as much as I dislike being lumped into the pile, I just can’t bring myself to blame the tomato tossers.

The worst thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of Paultards seem to have entirely missed the point of Ron Paul’s message from the beginning. They look to the man as a demi-god and speak of him as though he will save us all from evil big government when and if elected. Yet, the reason I’m a Ron Paul supporter is because I want someone in the White House fighting to restore my power and my opinion within government. I’m a supporter because I see Ron Paul as a consistent, transparent and virtually non-self-interested candidate who will fight harder to help me regain my rightful influence within government instead of promising to change everything himself. I see him as someone that will allow the people a little more elbow-room and hand us a mega-phone so we won’t have to try so goddamned hard to be heard. These Paultards seem to think Ron Paul is going to do it all for them – the exact opposite of the man’s political platform.

I want to know if these poor young delusional souls have considered the fact that they are voting for a candidate that supports small government. I wonder if they understand that this means they will have to take care of themselves. They will have to be educated and fight a little harder to get things done. I wonder why they support a man who wants to abolish the IRS and Income Tax if they probably don’t even understand how our tax system works. They probably have never even had to deal with the IRS or bills beyond their cell phones, car insurance and college tuition. Are they really prepared to take the reigns as American citizens? Are they really prepared for the inevitable uncomfortability that will come with self-sufficiency? Do they really grasp the fact that they are supporting a man who wants to withdraw Federal Government’s constant pampering? I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

I researched all the candidates before finding my main squeeze, and I have several that I have decided to fall back on as great choices if Ron Paul drops out or does not receive the GOP nomination, which is a very realistic situation. I know why I support Ron Paul and I research his policies. I don’t push my support on anyone and I don’t yell it at the top of my lungs and I certainly don’t think all that Ron Paul says is the word of god. Most of all, I do not consider Ron Paul a solution nor an end-all-be-all fix. I consider him honest, straightforward and transparent. Whether or not I agree with everything he says is beside the point, the point is that he seems like he’ll let you, me and we as Americans gain more sway and pull within the government. That is why I support Ron Paul; that is why I am not a Paultard. Sadly enough, many supporters are and that’s a black spot for the rest of us.

Know why you do what you do. Know whom you support. Just KNOW. If you don’t know, then you have no right to be a supporter. If you don’t know then you have no right to care – you’ll be doing more damage than good for any candidate if that is the case. We support, donate and vote not because we like the way a person looks or because we fall under the sway of how a candidate speaks or because we succumb to our friends’ whims. We support, donate and vote because we believe in our candidates only after researching and understanding all the candidate stands for. We do these things because we spent time and effort to be self-educated and because our research has led us to a candidate we see as the best fit for America and our personal socio-economic situation.

All is lost if supporting a candidate has truly transformed into nothing more than a whirlwind popularity race. Whatever candidate it is that you currently support, you better be able to answer intelligently all questions concerning the reason for your support, else what is the point? Stop being a tard and start being intelligent or we’re all doomed to be suckers.


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60 thoughts on “Exclusive: Maybe Ron Paul Supporters Are “Paultards” By William Mac

  1. “it will not be a fascist state… corporations will do the right thing…”

    They will. Not out of benevolence, but out of survival instinct. If they don’t play nice they lose their clientele and go bankrupt.

    “I definitely think he should rid us of enviromental proctections and the FDA first, then move on down to federally insured banks”

    Environmental protection would just be shifted down to the individual level. If a company pollutes your groundwater you can sue them.

    The FDA is a useless web of corruption and patronage. They don’t do their jobs properly, considering the long string of recalls we’ve had. There are drugs that Europe has been using for years that could save American lives and aren’t going to because of the FDA.

    Federally insured banks are more reckless and irresponsible with your money because they’re protected at the taxpayer’s expense. Take the FDIC out of the equation and they’ll be a lot more careful with your money.

  2. Well I’ve always said that the best argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter.

    Every candidate has a huge gaggle of drooling retarded followers who have no idea what his/her policies are. They are necessary. If you only attract smart followers you won’t get nearly enough votes to win.

  3. Life with Ron Paul as the president sounds grand!!! We can rally about our right not to choose and all the things we use to rally about….. and am sure it will not be a fascist state… corporations will do the right thing… Personally, I think it will be fun to get a survival kit with lots of guns and just bunker in… He can take us back to the country of our forefathers!!!

    I definitely think he should rid us of enviromental proctections and the FDA first, then move on down to federally insured banks, it would make saving for retirement even more fun.

    We can just form a bunch of groups and try to protect ourselves in a cozier way… Will some states have slaves again??? Wow!!

  4. “Now I understand. There is a massive cult-like Paultard uprising effectively soiling the good name of my respected chosen candidate. These chronic masturbators flood the streets with homemade signs and bumper stickers scaring away logical voters whilst recruiting other lost youth with low self-esteem to the Ron Paul doctrine.”

    Hey! As a chronic masturbator, I am very offended by your comparing us to Paultards!

  5. just want to say on this article. The people in this country is scared that a terrorist will strike again. that is a good way to get the government to buy you into trading security for liberty. As what Ben Franklin once said They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. we accepted the patriot act it kills your privacy, the military commisions act is tried on enemy combatant sand americans at the full descretion of the president without the right of habeus corpus. Please research not a little a lot. in the old american way we didn’t have TVs saying vote for me.. no… we did the research to determine a president background before voting. Out of the most things we are the one who is causing WW3, we are the ones who are the worlds policemen. As Mahatma Gandhi and eye for and eye makes the whole world blind. For people who is voting for hillary she is friends with the bush’s. She might have been in the scandal that Bill was in. Some candidates out there get their money from private companies not average americans. Barack Obama supporters out there hate to say it i used to be a barack obama supporter one of the thing he said on his speech is he was gonna meet with the countries that hates America Which his reputation when down when he said it. The next thing that Obama said it was the Pakistan that what he said was if musharaff doesn’t act we will. what a minute are we giving Pakistan 10 billion dollars to be our ally? Mostly Obama has been a governor of indiana and only been in politics for 5 years. Rudy Guiliani’s supporters who likes this guy because he thinks that Iran is dangerous. The reason he is dangerous is because he is like Bush but more steroid Bush. He used to be a cross dresser for a play he was the mayor of new york when 9/11 struck. Something strange to want to go to preisdent when you are a mayor of new york. Hillary, Obama and Rudy all want to increase taxes to fund for another war and they don’t guarantee that the troops would be home by 2013. Some supporters of these kind is feared of terrorism and is often moved by what the government tells you.

  6. Jack,

    Out of all the comments for this post, your’s is the most unreasonable and highly frustrating. Reading your comment was like trying to scratch an itch on my liver.

    Just what in the FUCK do you think you’ve exposed? You’ve exposed a list of desires that I mentioned are the reason I support Ron Paul? You’ve exposed the fact that I wish for supporters of candidates to be more educated as to why they lend their support and effort?

    Big whoop. You haven’t exposed a goddamn thing. All you’ve done is, for some strange reason, wrote negatively about what I already wrote and then treated it as if you’ve solved a detective puzzle.

    Furthermore, I don’t even see what your point is. Are you angry that I encourage Ron Paul supporters to more knowledgeable so that they can provide better and more eloquent information to naysayers and potential supporters alike?

    Go stick your head in a river, pal. Either that, or go expose a fence. Either way, you’re part of the problem. You’re overly combative and quick to emotion without first balancing out your reactions with reason. Everything that you stated was unfounded dribble and your twisted logic somehow took a completely rational and encouraging post and turned it into a personal insult.

    There is no possible way in hell any kind of logical and informed individual could consider this post as an insult nevertheless a thing to “expose”.

    Oh man… I am just fed up with people like you. I just cannot fathom how you have been able to survive in life with such a twisted way of thinking and reasoning. Why do I even continue to try and encourage people like you to be educated and rational? I don’t know, it’ll be the death of me.


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  8. I admit I’ve run into a few people I would designate as Paultards. But just think of how many more blind and retarded people all the other candidates must have in order to support these slimy warmongers with all their constitution-trashing ideas. Rommtards, Giulitards, Thomtards, Huckatards… as far as I’m concerned, that’s all these other candidates have!

  9. Great article. I loved this part in particular: “Are they really prepared to take the reigns as American citizens? Are they really prepared for the inevitable uncomfortability that will come with self-sufficiency? Do they really grasp the fact that they are supporting a man who wants to withdraw Federal Government’s constant pampering?”

    These supporters are nothing more than cheerleaders for their favorite sports team. Of course, there’s those types in all campaigns. Sheesh, the Democrats COVET the young vote 😉 And here’s a Republican getting them! We should appreciate the fact that young, old, educated, stoned, support = support.

    These people may turn some people off, but without them how many people would know about Dr Paul at this point? If these kids hadn’t stood on the corner with signs, would people go home and Google Dr Paul? No.

    So I thank them 😉 Paultards, maybe… but I still thank them.

  10. The truth about politics in America is that you can’t win an election without the idiot vote. Sitting about 10% out of being a factor this is a touchy subject, all I can say is encourage people to participate in the nomination process, because these moronic supporters aren’t the kind of voters that typically participate in the process, and living through the Jesse Ventura election in Minnesota I can tell you the idiot college kids who don’t have a clue what there doing build that base of supporters for the real supporters to capitalize on.

    The real fun will be if and when he is elected these same morons wondering why they voted for the guy, cause gosh darn it he’s not for free college for everyone.

  11. While as a supporter of Paul I admit there are a few that do go overboard and believe in “anything goes” type of campaign. Yourself as an example, most Paul supporters are usually patient (we’d have to be since it took us so long to get a Paul running) but also more knowledgeable in comparison to other supporters. I think simply there are a few bad apples, as there are in any campaign, and the Paul’s critics jumped for joy at terms such a Paultards the same way they keep posting that Paul is a racist supported by the KKK and what not. Its erroneous, its just something Paul’s detractors repeat to make themselves feel better.

  12. I am a Paul supporter and I would just like to say: Kudos to you, William. This isn’t limited to Paul supporters, though. I know…you didn’t say that it was, in the first place. The point I’m trying to make is this: These “tards” are present in every single aspect of American life, especially when it comes to anything political. I personally see it a lot in the 9/11 Truth movement, which I also support. A lot of folks’ knowledge on this subject doesn’t extend beyond the phrase “9/11 was an inside job!”. If you are going to be out in public trying to rally support for a cause, be prepared to answer some questions or you may end up doing your cause more harm than good.

    To the anti-Paulites (I know this is pointless…but…):
    Give it up. We know that the FED created the Great Depression, this is a well documented fact. The FED is run by folks like David Rockefeller, who openly calls for world government and praises people like Mao Tse Tung. Look at every major problem we’ve had in the past 100 years or so, really dig deep, if you do you will find that the source is more often than not, the very same people who are running the FED. Ron Paul is the only candidate that I know of who makes abolishing the FED a top priority. This is my primary reason for supporting him. I also like the fact that he opposes “big government”, lets not forget that the United States was not intended to be a socialist country, which seems to be what some of you desire. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that everyone who plans on voting democrat is a socialist, it is just the most hardcore, die hard anti-Paul people that I’m talking about.

    One more thing…”Ron Paul is for America…”, that line cracked me up. I live in Arkansas and I’ve heard a lot of people say the exact same thing about George W. Bush. 🙂

  13. Way to go, I think you meant to say William, not Dandelion Salad, as he is the author of this story.

    I don’t support Ron Paul at all. I’m a Kucinich supporter all the way!!! Go Dennis!

  14. Nice try Mac, Youve been exposed!!!!!

    YOU said “YOU” want someone to restore your power and your opinion withing Gov’t……..”You” want a little more elbow room…….”YOU” want a megaphone so you won’t have to try so GD hard……..YOU want a candidate who will fight harder to help you regain influence within Gov’t……. THEN YOU SAY, WE, Ron Paul supporters, think He’s going to do all that, and then you preach to us what we already know. So Mac, nice try, If the above is what “YOU” want, then, you go on to say what Dr. Paul stands for, (which we already know is the opposite), then sir, your really not a Ron Paul supporter, you’ve been exposed.
    You see, we believe in smaller Gov’t, we believe in taking care of ourselves, we pay taxes (too much) but we pay and I’ve never missed a year, and yes we don’t want Gov’t pampering, we want them off our backs. So ya see Mac, nice try but your not making us feel guilty because we’re passionate and outspoken for our candidate, I’ve been to rally’s before, everyone is passionate for they’re candidate. and if Mr. Paul is elected, we won’t need a megaphone because He will restore the Constitution and the rule of law and get our troops out of hell, and get rid of Homeland Gestapo, and scrap Nat. ID. We know He’s not the cure but He will restore the laws so we can cure ourselves. So Mac, you’ve exposed yourself with your own writing, Did you know only
    RETARDS do that 🙂

  15. Dandelion standard: You are not for Ron Paul. I really can tell that. You pretend to, but I can tell, primarily by this very article, that you are not supporting Ron Paul in deeply in your subconscious, or in your heart, or soul. Deep down inside you neither support his anti-federal government rhetoric, his desire to return currency to the gold standard, or escaping the United Nations. The anti-war issue is a little bit less partisan, I will leave that up in the air, but deep down you are not in favor of Ron Paul and this article is your subconscious crying out that you do not support him at all. Allow me to explain.

    Anti-federal government:

    Ron Paul is completely and utterly out of his mind in his wish to return the presidency to pre-Andrew Jackson days. Ron Paul’s vision for the presidency is entirely Utopian, and while I wish I could agree with him there, the fact of the matter is, they can not be taken down. If Constitutional Ron Paul may, he could just legally amend the law to reflect those new changes, it wouldn’t be in his ideal world outlook to do so. He would like it if every single person would be able to fend for themselves using perhaps state-aid, but in the real world, we all can not forge out a way of living without the federal government, not all of us. Certainly, many people would be able to go on without the government’s assistance. However, with a nation so large, eventually, you would see that corners of this nation would be unable to care for the homeless, elderly, immobile, and poor. The states, many of the states, do not have the money needed to take care of them, and they need assistance, as well!

    The gold standard

    The problem with the gold standard is that it is a fixed amount. The nation’s currency would be equal to all of the reserves of gold that we have piled up in the treasury, and that’s it. The price of our money would hit a ceiling, which would be the maximum amount of our gold stashes, and we’d need to mine up more gold and add to that or buy more gold or invest in other commodities, to revive the economy. Meanwhile, other nations that have high-tech forms of currency will outperform us in the market. My goodness, we’d be in a bad spot.Thinking about our options, like I’ve said, we’d need to dig up more of the stuff. This would send gold prices skyrocketing (it would also sky rocket when the gold standard gets set in place) and gold jewelry and gold computer parts would send the price through the roof, and you couldn’t afford that love/serenity bracelet for yourself (stereotyping ya, hee hee…) or a new computer for this blog. We could buy more gold from other nations, but I really do not think Ron Paul likes the other nations. We could use other commodities to back the dollar, like hey and oil, but hey is lame, and oil is something we want no part of, now do we?

    United Nations vitriol

    People who would call Ron Paul lacking a post 9/11 mindset would have to see Ron Paul having no 12/17/41 mindset either. Once World War 2 ended, the nations came to a realization that you can not have the nations without some kind of organizational body. They need a form of communication with one another or there will be an even stronger chance of more Hitlers and Mussolinis out there who would like to cause trouble. The United Nations is a way to curb that kind of aggression and work together on foreign problems. There is no reason to leave the organization, put up barriers, or threaten them. Ron Paul should reach out to them. They mean no harm, and if there is a problem, Ron Paul should just tell them about it, because nobody there is going to bite him.

    You, Dandelionsalad, know this., you just entered too far the Ron Paul mad dash for “freedom” to admit that you are not cut out for Ron Paul’s circle. Nobody really is. He is just too idealistic to be out there, complaining. We don’t want to hear it, on either party side. It is real annoying and you know it — you are just beginning to come to terms wit all of the Ron Paul clones out there.

  16. The so-called “Great Depression” occurred at the intersection of a particularly bad business recession and the trough of the B-phase of the third (since the Revolution) Kondratieff wave, which was amplified by the degree of integration in the global economy at that moment in the current world epoch. If government policy had anything to do with it, then it was the failure of the government to sufficiently regulate the system (free markets don’t work) during the 1910s-20s. Certainly nothing the government did in an affirmative manner had anything to do with causing the depression.

    However, the government did have a lot to do with pulling the country out of the depression. Different capitalist countries used different strategies. Some European states turned to fascism. Others turned to tripartism. The US turn to state monopoly capitalism, combined with the permanent war economy and aggressive globalization. Tripartism has been the most successful in terms of fostering democracy and high standards of living for the greatest number of people.

    The stuff presented by Lawrence is ideological nonsense. Anytime you hear the term “free market” you know you’re dealing with propaganda, not anything approximating the truth.

  17. Ian, what you said about Paul is simply and verifiably untrue.

    Take your comment, “He advocates respect for other human beings as individuals, not as members of ‘groups.'”

    Totally false.

    Paul supports making marriage between a man and woman only. That is advocating a politics based on group membership. That is blatant group-based discrimination.

    It gets worse.

    Paul supports the “right” of states to regulate private sexual conduct between consenting adults using the criminal law. He supported Texas’ Homosexual Control Act. Passing a law that applies to members of a particular group is blatant group-based discrimination.

    Paul supports the criminalization of a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body. Passing criminal law that applies to members of a particular group is blatant group-based discrimination.

    Ian, no offense, but you simply don’t know what you’re talking about. The man you support does not believe the things you say he believes.

    On the contrary, he believes that states have the “right” to discriminate against particular groups – gays and women. That is group-based discrimination.

    Not only are you wrong about what Paul believes, but Paul is wrong about his own arguments. States don’t have rights. PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS.

    Our civil rights protect us from the state. Paul doesn’t believe this. If Texas wants to violate a US citizen’s rights, Paul believes Texas has the “right” to do that. He simply doesn’t get the concept of civil liberties. He doesn’t understand the Bill of Rights.

    On the subject of the Constitution, Paul is an idiot.

    Ian, please help me understand how it is possible for somebody – and I’m talking about you – to believe something so radically contrary to obvious reality? I am truly astonished at how falsely conscious Ron Paul supporters are and I just want to insight into the dynamic. I’m serious. I’m not trying to be a smart ass.

  18. Can we please stop lumping all public education as bad? My son goes to a great public school… but then we also tend to ignore what the fed and State says… our school is locally supported and mostly locally funded.

    Once anyone realize how much we ignore the State and the Fed, we may be in a wee amount of trouble… but until then… the school is awesome.

    Point: lumping all public schools as bad is the same as lumping all Ron paul supporters as “paultards”

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  20. frodo441,

    Maybe other people would consider you more intelligent for running together a myriad of big words, probably with thesaurus in hand. However, this just makes me consider you uneducated. Cut the crap, and then maybe you would have something decent to say.


    It is their duty as supporters to know and understand the policies and the man behind them else they have no right rallying as if they know about it. The fact is that every single one of those young supporters have the capability to clearly state how and why they support Ron Paul — there is no excuse.

    If they had taken the time to truly understand who Ron Paul is as well as the policies he advocates then they would not have a lick of trouble explaining it.

    I have no sympathy for college kids that are required to write papers and study on a regular basis, but somehow can’t spew out anything concrete about the person they’re rallying about. That’s misleading, it turns people off and it defeats the purpose. There is no other side to it.


    I singled out no one. I’m a Ron Paul supporter, so I spoke about uneducated Ron Paul supporters. I then mentioned that no matter what candidate you support, you need to know why and understand that candidate’s policies.

    However, Ron Paul supporters are notorious for their antics beneficial or non-beneficial, this is not the case with other supporters. That is why it needs to be said that a lot of these college-aged young supporters need to make sure they understand why they do what they do.

    There is no way that this observation can possibly be taken as an insult or attack. What I said should have enlightened people and inspired them to learn more if they don’t already.


    The greenscreen hasn’t come in yet!!! I just posted up the new video and I was so angry. But, then again, we ordered it shortly before Thanksgiving and of course it’s the holiday season. I can understand why it would be en-route longer. Everything is tied up.

    I’m completely sure it will be here by next week. Well… I hope.


    You’re my favorite!

  21. is there any reason to think that other people’s supporters are better informed? please show me that reason. otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever to single out ron paul supporters.

  22. SamHa1n, glad you dropped by. William is one of my featured writers here and so generously writes exclusives just for Dandelion Salad. I also post all of his YouTube vids and look forward to seeing the green screen.

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