U.S. Should Be Honest Broker On Middle East Peace By Dennis Kucinich

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By Dennis Kucinich

Washington, Nov 27 – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), released the following statement following the first Middle East peace conference convened by the Bush Administration in seven years today:

“I am hopeful that this is a good faith restart to the Middle East peace process,” Kucinich said. “If it is to be more successful than past efforts by previous administrations, the United States is going to have to play the role of an honest broker.

“I have my doubts that this Administration can do that. That is because this Administration has undermined the moral standing of the United States in the eyes of the world.

“The occupation of Iraq, the failure to hold senior officials accountable for Abu Ghraib, the equivocation over whether waterboarding is torture or not, and the U.S. pressure on Iraq to privatize its oil are all taints on our country’s international reputation.

“I think the U.S. is in a weaker position to facilitate Middle East peace now than it was before the invasion of Iraq.

“Nevertheless, a solution is not going to be achieved by any means other than talks, and the United States’ role as a facilitator is vital. So I must be hopeful that perhaps these talks will accomplish what others have not: a safe and secure Israel, and an independent and free Palestine.

“The United States must have an inclusive approach which respects the concerns of both parties,” Kucinich concluded.


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4 thoughts on “U.S. Should Be Honest Broker On Middle East Peace By Dennis Kucinich

  1. You are always welcome at Dandelion Salad, TRM. I don’t mind reading differing opinions. Hopefully it will make people think for themselves. I don’t always post material that I agree with either.

  2. Santiago, and anyone reading,
    We all know I am pretty far right of center,,,
    but I simply made a very non-partisan statement, followed “what I thought” to be a funny at Oprah’s expense (she can afford it)…
    you don’t agree that no matter what happens there will always be violence in that region???

    It was very light hearted, I do it this way to hopefully stay welcome here at Dandelion and hopefully in the light hearted exchange I may see a different perspective and hopefully you all on the left will see a different perspective…..
    you libs(S),,,, sooo sensitive 🙂

  3. Wow TRM, you sure are a bitter person. It’s that same negativity that hurts everyone, including yourself. Bad attitudes and hopelessness will never get anything acomplished. Never.

  4. blah blah blah Dennis, go home and tell your wife to call me…

    Seriously though, I am convinced that there is no Dem(S), Lib, Rep, Ind, Com, or plain old homeless person that will ever get the people of that region to stop killing eachother….


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