Debate: Ron Paul & John McCain Get Into It On The War (video)

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9 thoughts on “Debate: Ron Paul & John McCain Get Into It On The War (video)

  1. That was intense—
    Thanks for posting that (see I can’t keep up with half the awesome posts here, Lo! You are super-human, I was right).

    I can see why Kucinich likes Paul (but only on his foreign policy, of course).

    In truth, for all my bashing of RP for his bigotry and maniacal deregulationism that’s so fanatical he’s come out against the Civil Rights Act, Endangered Species Act, etc– we would have been far better with him at the helm regarding Iraq– but that’s all I can say about Paul! The entire balance of his platform is fanatical.

    But about McCain– What is up with that? ‘let us win’?? It was an illegal invasion. Under the geneva convention, these soldiers were obligated to refuse the order to fight when it became apparent that the invasion was NOT a matter of national defense. Of course violence will be down if you’ve already directly or indirectly caused the deaths of a million people in a country the size of Texas. If you’ve killed everyone, of course they can’t fight back and it will look quieter—but that’s hardly a ‘win’.

    It’s still an illegal war, and Paul should not be proud that his supporters are so numerous in the active military. The active military deployed in Iraq are criminals and should never have gone, and McCain should know better.

    McCain suffered terribly as a participant in another of these illegal wars– how it could be that he didn’t at least rise to the level of Kerry and come out against the war? (after having voted to authorize it, of course).

    And then wasn’t it McCain the one with the ‘bomiran’ spoof? That’s as bad as Bush’s ‘ww3’ remark!

    I guess I simply don’t understand warriors, or politicians, but we’re obligated to get involved and to dissent this illegal genocide, mandate justice against the war-criminals, make reparations to the Iraqis, and do our darndest to support Dennis, whose integrity and wisdom consistently makes these republican scarecrows look like the evil caricatures that they so clearly are.

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  3. John, John, John,
    The United States helped Hitler before the, during the, and had the Third Reich won after the.
    Japan attacked Pearl Harbor{U.S.A.} because the United States cut off the Oil, and other resource’s that Japan desperately needed.{interventionism}
    Facts R Facts.
    Dr. Paul stated a figure of 1 Trillion Dollars[per yr.],
    100,000,000,000,000 pennies, that’s a lot of pennies that could be used to re-build the Countries Inter/intra-structure.
    We are wasting “Our” treasury[children’s future], so that few et. al Corp.’s, can make a dime.

    Evict all Incumbents in ’08,
    then start to Investigate.

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