YouTube Rep Debate (videos) + Who Won the Debate Poll?

Here’s a poll for who won the debate: Vote here.

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researchris2 This is the debate between the Presidential Republican Candidates that aired on 11.28.07.



All of Ron Paul’s replies at YouTube Debate (video)

Debate: Ron Paul & John McCain Get Into It On The War (video)

After the Rep Debate: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell + Ron Paul VP Question (videos)

The CNN political team chooses the videos, not you. (video)

Vote in these after Rep debate polls

7 thoughts on “YouTube Rep Debate (videos) + Who Won the Debate Poll?

  1. Mitt Romney clearly won the debate, but has been screwed by the GOP so they can have a LIBERAL RINO like John Amnesty McCain in office. While Barack is fighting charges of being the racist that he truly is (I could always tell he hated white people…it’s just below the surface ready to explode!) and HIllary is fending off reports of her “sniper fire” in Bosnia that occurred in her imagination, McCain is looking more and more presidential all the time. I hope Obama and Clinton keep these little dance up because McCain is headed to the white house, especially if he picks a REAL conservative like Mitt Romney as his VP. The liberals have outted themselves to be what they really are: fraudulent, lying phonies who will jack up taxes the first chance they get, try to impose SOCIALISM into our capitalist society. They make me sick and most common sense Americans got a big reality check on Obama — you are the company you keep Obama. You must have liked the racist, hate filled speeches “Rev.” Wright was giving or you wouldn’t have stayed for TWENTY YRS! Your claiming to never have heard one of his fiery sermons (the norm) is ludicrous especially since you mention it in your book The Audacity of Hope, the sermon by Wright that inspired your book. You think it’s tough now, wait until the real election. McCain is going to make you look like the amatuer you really are.

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  6. I thought McCain came out on top tonight. That Vietnam Vet brought tears to my eyes! Bravo McCain and for that I am sending you a Christmas card!
    I voted that McCain came out on top tonight for speaking truth to power! Honor our Vietnam Vets on stage tonight Paul and McCain! HUAAHH!! Makin’ me proud boys!!

    GO ARMY GO~!

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