Impeachment Must Happen By Carol Davidek-Waller

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By Carol Davidek-Waller
11/29/07 “ICH

Clearly the nation has turned against Vice President Cheney and President George W. Bush. Their approval ratings are the lowest of any elected leaders in American history. We are weary of war and bled white from profligate spending and larceny. Our civil rights have been severely restricted and crimes have been committed. A once peaceful world stands on the brink of turmoil.

As the 2008 elections draw near, it’s tempting to look upon regime change as an end to our long night. We would like to believe that a change of face in the Oval Office would repair the damage done by the current administration. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Without investigation and impeachment, electing a new president will only serve to codify the unprecedented and illegitimate power stolen from the Congress and the American people. The powers of a dictator will be passed on like an Olympic torch where they will reside with the next president.

The nation has been wounded in its beating heart. The president is no longer obligated to uphold and defend the Constitution or obey and execute the laws of the land. We no longer have the full protection of the Bill of Rights. Our elected leaders are no longer bound to tell the truth. These wounds will continue to fester until they are cleansed by a strong dose of sunlight.

Failure to impeach is a threat to our national security. In the same way that we cannot expect our nation to be secure if we don’t understand what threatens us beyond our borders, we cannot expect the nation to be secure if we don’t understand and check what threatens us from within. The excesses of our own government can become a far greater threat than terrorism.

Articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney were filed several months ago and the majority of Americans favor impeachment. Congress has refused to act. They even turned a blind eye when Rep. Dennis Kucinich read out the well-document charges against Cheney on the floor of the House and demanded action.

The charges against Cheney are chilling. They outline in stark relief the peril our nation faces when even one man exercises unrestrained power; even a man whose office is purely ceremonial. How could so much damage be done in such a short time? Why has no one stopped him?

Elections give us an opportunity to choose our representatives and leaders. They do not and were never meant to address the gross abuses of power, war crimes, felonies and fraud that Cheney and Bush have engaged in. Impeachment not elections gets top billing in the Constitution.

Elections will not address the tragedy of the hundreds of thousands who have died in an unnecessary war nor honor their sacrifice. Elections will not prevent your government from spying on you without cause or restore your right to privacy. They will not prevent you from being incarcerated or having your assets seized because one man, the president, says so. Elections will not prevent you from being tortured or flown to another country to be tortured. Elections will not keep your own military from being used against you. They will not restore the rule of law or the integrity of the Judiciary. They will not restore the balance of powers. Elections will not prevent this nation or any other from making war at will or stealing another nation’s resources. They will not restore the delicate balance of the global community, shattered by broken treaties and unchecked lust for domination and power.

Elections will not prevent a president Clinton from declaring you an enemy combatant and shipping you off to Guantanamo. They won’t prevent a president Obama from sweeping up Americans and holding them indefinitely on his word alone. They won’t prevent a president Guiliani from illegally and immorally murdering millions of Iranians for no legitimate reason. They won’t prevent a president Romney from seizing your home and assets because he alleges you are impeding operations in Iraq. It won’t prevent a president Thompson from exempting himself, his entire administration and his political supporters from the rule of law. It won’t prevent any president from leaving the nation unprotected by ignoring or rewriting the intelligence to suit his or her political agenda. Elections won’t guarantee that anyone you elect to lead or represent you has to tell you, the congress or the judiciary the truth.

Under the Constitution, we have the right to know if our elected leaders are doing their jobs or abusing the power of their office.

When serious allegations are made, it is our right to have public investigations that are immune to state secrets and executive privilege.
We have a responsibility as citizens to act on that information.

There is no more important work for congress to do. You cannot build anything on a weak foundation. Unscrupulous men and women have damaged the very foundation of our nation: the Constitution is the very bedrock upon which the order and legality of our nation rests. These same people have suspended the rule of law by which we govern ourselves. They assert that the government is theirs to do with as they wish. We cannot let that stand.

The genius of the Constitution is that it contains the remedy for its own healing, it’s own restoration. That remedy is impeachment. Not elections. Impeachment.

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8 thoughts on “Impeachment Must Happen By Carol Davidek-Waller

  1. Dandelion,

    Thanks for posting my article. We have an active and thriving impeachment in Washington State. Right now there is a Bill in both Houses of the Legislature calling on Congress to impeach. I am proud that my State Senator Eric Oemig has had the courage and good judgment to get the ball rolling.

    I feel sorry for the people that don’t understand that they have the power to restore their Constitution and to live in a just society. It’s unfortunate that they don’t realize that the power to do so is guaranteed them in the Constitution and that it is the the business of their elected representatives to deny them this important protection from tyranny.

    The majority of Americans favor impeachment, even with a virtual press blackout and the distortions of broadcast media and political operatives. My own experiences in canvasing, lobbying and attending various events bears this out.

    Playing politics with the Constitution is a bit like Russian roulette. It is a dangerous game.

    Politicians are making a grave error in underestimating the public distress and anger.

    They have tried to change the subject by focusing on the election. Yet none of candidates seem prepared to do what Americans demand. This could end in tears.

    Carol DW

  2. Lo,
    Strange that OMC, believes not to Impeach.
    When people think their Government, “ours too” is not applicable to “our” LAWS , Treaties, and/or Conventions, & that this is not Criminal, we really are sunk, and it stinks ! ! !
    Please Explain the following;
    That the war was Justified ?
    That the “our” Mercenaries, can Kill at will ?
    That the deaths of Children is Justified ?
    That the Theft of the Treasury is Justified ?
    That the Looting of a Sovereign Nation is Justified ?
    That the non-treatment of wounded Patriots is Justified ?
    That the Denial of their Injury/Disability is Justified ?
    That the Loss of Billions is Justified ?
    & On, & On, &On, &on,…., someone tell me if I’ve hit a nerve of, some of the Deciets ?

  3. I am truly dismayed by the nonsensical ramblings of this ill-informed person. Moreover, to even think that Dandelion Salad would be as negligent with whatever their writer’s are espousing is abhorrent at best.

    My major problems with the antics of this particular writer is the notion of spouting “facts” with absolutely no supporting documentation pursuant to the reliability of the data; further, credibility becomes as a storm cloud when there is nothing proffered for validity of such rubbish.

    Reading this article made me want to stop drinking coffee. The writer goes on and on contradicting herself to the point of embarrassment. I originally had seven points of contention; however, I have not the patience or the desire to educate someone who should know better.

    From the piece: “Articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney were filed several months ago and the majority of Americans favor impeachment (citation please). Congress has refused to act.” Far be it from me, but why is it that the majority favors an action yet Congress refuses to act? Nonsense.

    Moreover, to remotely suggest that the government is spying or somehow invading one’s privacy is simply lunacy. And finally, the integrity of the Judiciary is up to those who sit. No one person or a nation of people can restore integrity if for some reason is lost. My suggestion is keep the Court from politicizing matters that come before them. Cheers!


  4. I want you to write 1000 times. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached.They will not be impeached. They will not be impeached.

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