Dec. 15th Kucinich Money Bomb: Pay It Forward (video)

Dennis Kucinich for President – Contribute

And from Danielle:

Dandelion Salad


Dennis 4 President


1. Pledge to donate
2. Get 2 Friends to do the same, and have them get 2 friends, and them get 2 friends…
3. Send this video to everyone on youtube, facebook, myspace, your email, etc…

Dennis 4 President
and donate

7 thoughts on “Dec. 15th Kucinich Money Bomb: Pay It Forward (video)

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  4. LOL that is some copy cat stuff.. money Bomb

    Good luck guys we’ll see how you do.. I hope you can show some support..

    I’m guessing 2-3 million… I’d like to see a lot more, so that we know Americans on both sides are ready for change!!! You should be able to pull at least 3 million no doubt.. there are a lot of democrats out there now..

    We’ll see how many hard core democrats are awake with this fund raiser..

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