Kucinich Speech at the DNC Fall Meeting (video)

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Note: In case you may be looking for his speech at the DNC on 08.26.08, here’s the transcript and video: Wake Up, America! by Dennis Kucinich (DNC speech)

Dennis Kucinich KICKS ASS at DNC 11-30-07

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15 min 40 sec – Dec 1, 2007


Kucinich best reflects core Democratic values, draws Party support for impeachment

VIENNA, VA — Sounding traditional Democratic themes on issues such as health care, civil rights, education, health care, jobs, and retirement security, Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich told Party leaders and activists today that they need to reconnect with the basic values of Americans and with their own core values to regain the White House in 2008.

Kucinich, interrupted frequently by approving applause, drew the most enthusiastic response from Democratic loyalists when he raised the issue of impeachment against Vice President Cheney and the possibility of similar impeachment legislation against President Bush.

Referring to the aggressive and heightened rhetoric from the Administration towards Iran, Kucinich said, “This is essentially a war crime in motion.” And, he told attendees at the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee, that he is preparing Articles of Impeachment against the President similar to those he introduced against Cheney earlier this year for deceiving Congress and the American people about the justification for authorizing military action against Iraq.

Bush and Cheney “have committed impeachable offences,” Kucinich said. And, although fellow Presidential candidate and Senator Joe Biden said yesterday he would join Kucinich’s call for impeachment if the Administration actually launched a war against Iran, “That would be a little bit late,” Kucinich said.

Kucinich told the crowd that he best represents the core values of the Democratic Party – in the traditions of FDR and “The New Deal,” JFK and “The New Frontier,” and LBJ and “The Great Society.” He called for a full employment economy, based on the FDR, Depression-era WPA, to put millions of Americans to work re-building highways, water systems, public utilities, public buildings, and other crumbling elements of the nation’s infrastructure. He acknowledged and embraced the role of government as “employer of last resort,” adding that federal trade policies had put millions of Americans out of work through legislatively facilitated outsourcing of U.S. jobs overseas.

He pointed out that he is the only Democratic candidate calling for repeal of those trade agreements, calling for repeal of the Patriot Act, a total overhaul of the health care system, and fully funded education from pre-kindergarten through college.

Kucinich, an admitted long-shot for the nomination, also pointed out that he is moving up in some national and state-by-state polls because of his pro-Democrat, pro-people positions on issues. If he continues moving up, “the debate is going to change” among the current front-runners, he said.

In a humorous jab at himself, he told the audience that he went to this morning’s DNC prayer breakfast “so I could dispel any talk that I don’t have a prayer” in winning the nomination.”


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